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Welcome to Bluebottle's page of links to all interesting things and places on H2G2!

Including somewhere you can learn who Bluebottle is!1

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A seaplane flying over the Isle of Wight

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Isle of Wight RelatedIsle of Wight Related
Castles of the Isle Of WightCastles of the Isle Of Wight
Historic Places to Visit on the Isle Of WightHistoric Places to Visit on the Isle Of Wight
Aircraft and other Isle of Wight InventionsAircraft and other Isle of Wight Inventions
Isle Of Wight PeopleIsle Of Wight People
Dinosaurs Of The Isle Of WightDinosaurs Of The Isle Of Wight
Anglo-Saxon Isle Of WightAnglo Saxon Isle Of Wight
Isle Of Wight FestivalsIsle of Wight Festivals
Piers Of The Isle Of WightPiers Of The Isle Of Wight
Isle Of Wight ShipwrecksIsle Of Wight Shipwrecks
Walking the Isle of WightWalking the Isle of Wight
Fortifications of the Isle Of WightFortifications of the Isle of Wight
Beatles RelatedBeatles Related
Beatles PeopleBeatles People
Beatles AlbumsBeatles Albums
Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney
American Beatles AlbumsAmerican Beatles Albums
Beatles BiopicsBeatles Biopics
Yorkshire's CastlesYorkshire's Castles
Southampton & HampshireSouthampton & Hampshire
Historical Figures & Monarchs:Historical Figures & Monarchs:
Film & TelevisionFilm & Television:
Film ReviewsFilm Reviews
Television ReviewsTelevision Reviews
Film People:Film People:
Film & TV MiscellaneousFilm & TV Miscellaneous
Doctor WhoDoctor Who
SupermanThe Christopher Reeve Era Superman Films
Ray Harryhausen & Sinbad FilmsRay Harryhausen & Sinbad Films
The Pink PantherThe Pink Panther
The TerminatorThe Terminator
Disney (Misc)Disney (Misc)
Disney Film GuideDisney Film Guide
Pixar Film GuidePixar Film Guide
DreamWorks Animation Film GuideDreamWorks Animation Film Guide
Terry Pratchett's Television Adaptations:Terry Pratchett's Television Adaptations:
The Island of Doctor MoreauThe Island of Doctor Moreau
The Lost WorldThe Lost World
The AvengersThe Avengers
Dad's ArmyDad's Army
National Cycle Route 23:National Cycle Route 23:

Flea Market Rescues

OriginalBy:Peer Review Version:Edited:
Leeds, West YorkshireDinnerlady & Number SixA Visitor's Guide To Leeds, West Yorkshire, UKA Visitor's Guide to Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
Guns - A Brief Summary of TermsErik NelsonGun Glossary: Small ArmsGun Glossary: Small Arms
Age of KingsInkwash'Age Of Empires II: Age Of Kings' - The Game'Age Of Empires II: Age Of Kings' - The Game
Sega Mega Drive - Its History and Many Spin-Off'sCitizenTomAndersonSega Mega Drive - The Games ConsoleSega Mega Drive - The Games Console
S Club 7 (the pop group)watchaharryS Club 7 - the Pop GroupS Club 7 - the Pop Group
Brave New World in progresBeowulfShaffer'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley
Quintus Sertoriustheenglishman101Quintus SertoriusQuintus Sertorius - Roman General
The Sonic The hedgehog series,spin offs and secretsJenny_Tablina
Millennium DomeIsabelleThe Millennium DomeThe Millennium Dome
James Bond in the Cold Warlittlesimon1James Bond in the Cold WarJames Bond in the Cold War
History of FilmU204088, U186749 & U188966The Early History and Development of FilmThe Early History and Development of Film
Wartime Animation and the Warner Bros.Lt ThraceWarner Brothers' Wartime AnimationWarner Brothers' Wartime Animation
Mersey Beatmerseybeat1961Mersey Beat - From Newspaper to SoundMersey Beat - From Newspaper to Sound
Jim Henson - Muppeteer, Filmmaker, Television ProducerOpticalillusionJim Henson - Storyteller and Puppet MasterJim Henson - Storyteller and Puppet Master
Discworld NOIR[...]'Discworld Noir' - the Game'Discworld Noir' - the Game - Geggs
James Bond: A Quick Film Guidetoosmartforbond2James Bond: The Quick Film GuideJames Bond: The Ultimate Film Guide
Keighley & Worth Valley RailwayMontyonthebontyThe Keighley and Worth Valley RailwayThe Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
English Counties, The Real CountiesIanorthThe Development of the English CountyThe Development of the English County
**Walt Disney Imagineering**LittleMissFordPrefectWalt Disney ImagineeringWalt Disney Imagineering
The Island Of Dr. Moreau, I didn’t read that parthatameiwaku'The Island of Doctor Moreau' - the 1996 Film'The Island of Doctor Moreau' - the 1996 Film
Basil The Great Mouse DetectiveMike A'Basil the Great Mouse Detective' - the Film'Basil the Great Mouse Detective' - the Film
Alan Dean Foster - Author GreeboTCatAlan Dean Foster - AuthorAlan Dean Foster – Author
Cinemas in Leeds, West Yorks, UKStephenCinemas in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UKCinemas in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
Omega - The Founder of Time TravelCYBERHUMANDoctor Who Enemies: OmegaDoctor Who Enemies: Omega
The Schlieffen PlanmightylukeThe Schlieffen PlanThe Schlieffen Plan
The Hanging Gardens of BabylonBumblebeeThe Hanging Gardens of BabylonThe Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Doctor Who - The Theme MusicCYBERHUMANDoctor Who: The Theme MusicDoctor Who: The Theme Music
Doctor Who Enemies: Raston Warrior RobotCYBERHUMANDoctor Who Enemies: Raston Warrior RobotDoctor Who Enemies: Raston Warrior Robot
Bobbing for ApplesvogonpoetApple BobbingApple Bobbing
Babylon-5 - G'KarTowelMasterBabylon 5 Characters: G'Kar'Babylon 5' Characters: G'Kar
The Minister's CatMr. Christopher'The Minister's Cat' - the Victorian Parlour Game'The Minister's Cat' - the Victorian Parlour Game
The Avengers- the episodesPrimordThe Avengers: An Episode GuideThe Avengers: An Episode Guide
The world of American Television reinventionsEcnal Silyab5American Television ReinventionsAmerican Television Reinventions
American Television Reinventions - Part 1 (Comedy and Drama)Ecnal SilyabAmerican Television Reinventions: ComedyAmerican Television Reinventions: Comedy
American Television Reinventions - Part 1 (Comedy and Drama)Ecnal SilyabAmerican Television Reinventions: Drama American Television Reinventions: Drama
American Television Reinventions - Part 2 (Gameshows)Ecnal SilyabAmerican Television Reinventions: RealityAmerican Television Reinventions: Reality6
Eiffel 65Prosthethnic Vogon JeltzEiffel 65 - the BandEiffel 65 - the Band

Co-written & Collaborative

The World's Best Beaches
What To Buy The Person Who Has Everything
Handy Household Hints
Handy Gardening Tips
April Fool's Day
Buses In The UK
Castles of England
The National Parks of England and Wales
Great Theme Parks Of Great Britain
A Brief History of Winchester
How to Enjoy Visiting Historical Sites
Favourite Children's Authors7
How to Survive Taking Children to Theme Parks
Experiencing a Solar Eclipse
Doctor Who and the Terror of the Titles8
Doctor Who Enemies: The Sontarans9
Doctor Who Enemies: Ice Warriors10
Doctor Who Enemies: The Master11
Doctor Who Enemies: Cybermen12
Doctor Who Enemies: Zygons13
Giving and Getting Flowers14
Doctor Who Episode Guide: 2010-201315
Carnegie Libraries16
How to Experience a Sense of Freedom in Everyday Life17
'The Good Old Days'18
How to Survive an Office Move19
Digital Photography - Hints and Tips From the H2G2 Photographers
Power Cut Preparation20

Entries I've Subbed

  1. Orcs by Gnomon
  2. Louis XIII of France by Bobstafford
  3. The Bohernabreena Reservoirs, County Dublin, Ireland by Gnomon
  4. James VI of Scotland Inherits the English Throne by Bobstafford
  5. The Children of James I by Bobstafford
  6. A Short History of the Roman Legion from the Republic to the Imperial Era by Bobstafford
  7. Loughcrew - an Ancient Irish Megalithic Cemetery by Gnomon
  8. Tolkien's Maps by Gnomon
  9. The Culture Novels of Iain M Banks by Gnomon
  10. The Non-Culture Science Fiction of Iain M Banks by Gnomon
  11. Lord of the Rings: Downs, Barrows and Wights by Gnomon
  12. 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King' (2003) - Film Review by Gnomon
  13. How the Lady of Justice Got Her Groove (and Her Arm) Back by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  14. Impossible Language Missions: A Brief Guide to Gellerese by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  15. Carnuntum - Roman City in Austria by Tavaron de Quirm.
  16. Buster Brown's Flying Columns: The Canadian Plan to Invade the United States by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  17. The Spinc Walk, Glendalough, Co Wicklow by Gnomon
  18. 'No Man's Land' - a play by Harold Pinter by Gnomon
  19. How Hoopy Were Hoop Skirts? A Fashion Moment by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  20. The 2004 Firework Disaster in Kolding, Denmark - Flea Market Rescue by SashaQ and Justin Case
  21. The Super Mario Games Series by Tavaron de Quirm
  22. 'Jeeves and the Wedding Bells' - a Novel by Sebastian Faulks by SashaQ
  23. William Hesketh Lever - 1st Viscount Leverhulme by SashaQ
  24. Little Sorrel, Another Horse Hero, and What Became of Him by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  25. John Brown's Body: The Battle Hymn of Snark by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  26. Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve, Hampshire, UK by SashaQ
  27. The Joy of PC Keyboard Shortcuts - rescued by SashaQ from an entry by Spiff
  28. 'The Persuaders!' - the TV Series by SashaQ
  29. James Kekela, Abraham Lincoln, and the Marquesas Cannibals by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  30. Charles Stuart Courting at the Court of Spain by Bobstafford
  31. 'Hopes and Fears' - a Novel by Charlotte Yonge by SashaQ

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1Or at least who he was in 2000, when he last updated it.2Peer Review version: Wedding Photography - Hints and Tips.3With Post Team, Barneys Bucksaws, Beatrice & Dmitri Gheorgheni.4With CallumFord5Rescued with Florida Sailor6With Florida Sailor. Project Page7A Talking Point. The original is Favourite Children's Authors. I assembled this one from the Talking Point comments.8Flea Market Rescue by SashaQ of an original by timdigital, Peer Review version: Doctor Who and the Terror of the Titles.9An update. Originally by CYBERHUMAN and spook, Peer Review version: UPDATE: Doctor Who Enemies: Sontarans10An update - original by CYBERHUMAN and spook. Peer Review version: UPDATE: Doctor Who Enemies: The Ice Warriors11An update - original by Giford.Peer Review version: UPDATE A20361647: Doctor Who Enemies: The Master.12Peer Review version: UPDATE: Doctor Who Enemies: Cybermen Updating the original by: Awix, Hoovooloo,
Kerr_Avon, Paully, Philious, Smij, Spook, Matt & Wyatt
13Peer Review version: UPDATE: Doctor Who Enemies: Zygons. Updating the original by Spook & Cyberhuman14Peer Review version: Giving and Getting Flowers15Peer Review version: UPDATE: Doctor Who Episode Guide: 2010-2013 - with Smij.16Peer Review version: Carnegie Libraries17Peer Review version: How to Experience a Sense of Freedom in Everyday Life18Peer Review version: The Good Old Days19By Baron Grim, Cheerful Dragon, deb, Gnomon, Icy North, Milla, paulh, Rev Nick, SashaQ, SiliconDioxide and You can call me TC. Peer Review version: How to Survive an Office Move.20Peer Review version: Power Cut Preparation

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