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How nice that you could pop by! If I'm not around, would you mind leaving me a note on the fridge, just to let me know you passed? And by all means, help yourself to a smiley - aleor smiley - milk and smiley - donut, or whatever you find that tickles your appetite. Just let me know if I've run out of something, would you.smiley - cheers

I am a chemist smiley - scientist by education, but mostly try to make some software in the lab treat people in a better mannersmiley - geek, which made me take on that long name - alchemilla digitalis. In the end, that got too long, so now I just go by the name Milla.

I am female, and have two wonderful children smiley - tickle(mostly). Oh, yes, I seem to be living in Lund, Sweden, so I guess you may call me a Lunduner.

When you don't know where to go, this might be an idea... Latest conversations

I am also...

A Keeper: Keeper of Leftover Nuts and Screws from Reassembled Machinery, as of October the 16 of the Year 2000. I am grateful for the honor and will try hard to do a good job. Thank you, Archangel Galaxy Babesmiley - angel! Dump your leftover nuts in the bin to the left. Screws to the right. Or pick some up, if you need something fixed.

A Nordic researcher

Born (as almost all beings are...). Are you, ?

A True researcher
1*5-3+6*6+4=42 hah! me too!

On the Map
A compass
Online now and then, like some other Hootizens...

The proud creator of a few Liffs

A race team member for this wonderful '55 Chevy Blackberry Boogie
A fast lady in a super cool Morgan Motor (So, that's a Morgan, not a Chevy '55, but there wasn't any better cars in the library...)

Onstage when given the opportunity, preferably with the pals in Pipedream Production. The site is in Swedish, but if you are clever, you can see pictures from the shows under Produktioner, and if you're really clever you can play Millaspotting!
This summer, my children and I are performing in The Wind in the Willows, on an outdoors stage by a river.

Trying to learn tango. I think I'll stay a beginner for a few more years, but it is a lovely 'sport'!
Tango dancersA couple getting close, Tango dancing.
A believer in smiley - peacedoveFootiNootismiley - peacedovesmiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - space
smiley - spaceI Support the Committee - H2G2 After The BBC -smiley - spaceThe H2G2 Support Society
smiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - space
Version: 1.1
RS Y++ N* SA+ A+ P-:P- L+ M- s V E- PR- p a- B++ TV r D T nh+ C m+ t+
-----END H2G2 CODE BLOCK-----

Titania smiley - fairy made me figure out how smileys work - Thanks Titania! And cheers to "a biddy called Ben" who made me dare try GuideML! smiley - ok
I heard that this person does some pretty nifty things, too. You should have a look at that User Space! smiley - smiley

Quoting myself - who else would?

"I try to keep my promises to myself"

(only because tartaronne said:"Deep smiley - cool" - Thanks tartaronne!)

"Everyday is Irrational Womens Day to me"

"Not posting is not an option"

Tjing,smiley - towel


Notes to self:
Hootoo birthday is 2000-09-21
Where IS that thread?


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