I hope this Christmas is better than the last forty-eight.

A Sheela na Gig.

I would like to believe depression serves a purpose. Everybody seems to think it is impossible for someone with a sense of humour like mine to be depressed. That's even more depressing.

I wish the governments and foundations would spend more money on people with Asperger's Syndrome and less money on talking about them. I would dearly love to get a check and a lab coat to study why neuties can't tell the same truth two days in a row.

Lava Lamp

All that glurge at the bottom is now obsolete... well, most of it.

i know nothing, I feel nothing, i just goes to works and does my jobs....

This great person here helped with the CAC, and we thank you very much. Love Tom AKA Cider shark

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I love my cigar, but I take it out of my mouth once in a while!The New New blobI did the sketch for this one, but Dr. Mo and Mina helped make it a reality!The old symbol of the new regime. I deisgned this one!

Hello. I am two years old, unit, one child, .
I live in a world of books and movies, music and art, fear and trepidation, clumsiness and ineptitude.
I don't really belong anywhere. My job experiences have been disastrous. I've never worked anywhere I could figure out how it stayed in business until I go there or how it remained in business after I left.
That's just the way my mind works.
I have sincere difficulties communicating with people. I don't speak
the proper shorthand in many cases. And they don't speak English.
It's not that they speak another language. English is supposedly
their tongue. But that tongue is tied.
I found the experiences related in the Hitchhiker's books to be very much like my life.
I've never really known what was going on. I've had, at times,
to pretend that I did, but I never did a very convincing job.
Indications are becoming louder and clearer that I may have a form of Asperger's.
The problem now is getting a diagnosis, because hypochondria is unpopular outside politics.
You are not supposed to seek a name for how you feel. The doc is supposed to do that when it occurs to him.
But I know what has happened and is happening and I am glad that there is a name for it besides:
emotionally unstable

I'm just putting this here because I like it and there are some family...um...associations.

Robbie Burns

Seems a little staid, doesn't it, considering the subject? I wish his eyes moved or his tongue stuck out or something...smiley - tongueout

Any questions you want to post will be cheerfully answered, in order, arranged by the alphabetical listing of the second vowel in the third word in each post, unless it reminds me of a color, in which case I might answer it before you send it.

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