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Back on line

with the assistance of an assimilation device from

Not havinb been online or on this site continously for many months,
I have had many experiences in RL (that's what they tell me it is) that have maybe changed my altitude toward being online.

I am now turned the corner and approaching the big 50.
This Jan 28th I became 49

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I got a new lapdog computer

It is an Acer Timeline Aspire something or other with a fifteen inch screen and I hate it.

I don't like touch pads.

I despise Windows Vista.

I can't perform simple tasks on this stupid thing.

It was designed for non-humans.

The WR got someone to slap this thing together for a bit cheaper than I supposedly could have got it down at the box store.

She won't listen to a thing I say in complaint against Microsoft. She says it's just something I'll have to learn to live with.
Horse pucky.

Six hundred dollars down the drain.

I should be able to transfer my necessary files from this ancient Windows 98 piece of junk to the new piece of junk, right? Nope, no can do. If I want to save it online and then download it, there is some hope. But the operating systems have nothing to do with each other. Windows sucks.

The WR also insisted I buy a two hundred dollar external hard drive. I still don't understand why. I have tried to use it but it only backed up file folders and not files... I can't get Vista to let me use it to save things to. The button doesn not exist in the File menu!

What is this world coming to when the damned computers are designed by people who have no idea how things are supposed to work in RL.

I checked out some of the user forums for Vista and they are full of little geekoids making fun of people who expect things to actually work. Some of them even suggest that some people should never be allowed to touch a computer. I suggest it is the other way around. If you sell computers and software for a living, if a normal human cannot use your crap, then you should not be allowed to sell it. Niche marketing is fine, for that niche. For the rest of the planet, K.I.S.S.!

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I got new glasses

Ray-Bans, the old style black frames. I needed the lenses bigger than were currently available with the squinchy selection at my glasses-maker's shop. I also liked the rock and roll connotations. They have springy hinges and the lenses are bifocal, again.

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It is now ten after eight PM, military time

I use military time on my cellaphone because I work what is known as the "graveyard shift".

So, if I'm having trouble sleeping, or I am just clock-watching, I get the odd sensation of time travel on a daily basis because we have now reached the advanced part of existence where the past is piling up on us.

So, 2010, which would have just been a fantasy when military time was first instituted, is now just a fact. 1927, on the other hand, which was when I woke up this evening, is so far in the past that it requires an extensive search online and at the library before it matters. 1059 is a legend, and 0033, is biblical in it's remoteness.

Some years do not exist, of course, in this scale of time, so my birth year, 1962, would have to be found in another scale of sorts. I haven't bothered to investigate that yet.

So, while people yelled and screamed about a "new year" last night, it was just another minute to me...

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I am sincerely depressed

and everybody keeps telling me to go to a doctor.
I cannot think of anything more depressing.

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