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Time and death, without sauce.

Being of an uncertain age, I remember things. Being of an uncertain brain chemistry, I forget things. I remember things I forgot years ago and I can't tell you what I had for breakfast yesterday. Somethings I remember like they were yesterday and my Mother says they never happened. I do remember the day John Lennon died. I don't make Yoko jokes. If it hadn't been for her, he wouldn't have had that extra decade. I do remember that. I don't remember when Kurt Cobain died. I do remember when Frank Zappa went. And Chet Atkins. And Charles Shultz. And Smythe. I remember the name of my first grade teacher and I called her when my child was in the first grade. She was very touched that I remembered. She's dead now. So's my seventh grade science teacher and my sixth grade math teacher. But the ******-****-****-***** who molested my brother and I when we were twelve and thirteen, he's still alive! You know, I TOLD! but it didn't mean a thing. Nice to know you can depend on adults when it really counts.

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Really, it's just a dirty sock!

I have heard and read many disparaging comments about the U.S. President. Let me tell you, those in the state he was the late Governor of are pleased that he found other work. And that he's doing so well. I played catch with my daughter today. She is very giggley.
(well, she can hardly catch and throw, I had to say something nice.)
She is tall. I suppose to be fair to her I should remember that I was gangly and barely coordinated up until I became overweight and uncoordinated. The only reason I have any physical superiority over her is that I'm bigger, stronger and been at it longer. Even clumsiness can be overcome or hidden if you're working with someone clumsier. One of the problems I've always had with adults and authority figures is the tendency to expect a flatter learning curve out of me than was sought in them. Otherwise, how did they get there?
Of course, as my father says, there is always the Peter principle:
s**t floats. So much for ending this entry on a light note.

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supreme idiocy

Diar Deary; 11/2/01
Today I was accessing the interactive idiot box when some fool gave me a chance to blather in Cyberspace. Kneeless to say, I took it, have taken it, will take it. I keep expecting some CRT pop-up major to shout a 'that's too silly'! Maybe I don't get out much.
I did that thing with the dog where I put my legs on either side of her shoulders and while she looks up at me in abject worship I gently pop her under the jaw where that little hollow 'v' is. It's almost as much fun as playing accordion cat. But we haven't a cat at the moment, because the dog will eat it. The dog was rewarded by being scratched because she tolerated me in a way no one else does, did, will, have, been, till...I've got a touch of the thesaurus flu. Beats that glossalia I had last winter, or the tourette's syndrome that seems to pop up at temperance meetings.

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