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I seem to have acquired

a new badge. Something about being in the edited guide.


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I'd forgotten about this

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had to bury a cat today

One of the kittens who was born Christmas season before last did not survive into his second year. Cueball was a rather large cream and seal point male whose seal points were faint tabby markings.
He had a personality only second to his big brother, Edgar, who has been dead since Memorial Day. Cueball had always seemed rather simple compared to the other kittens. Recently he had adopted Spidder, my four year old cat, as his role model and had begun to imitate him. Cueball's remaining siblings are two tiny females, Eightball, a dark grey, and Cupcake, an orange and black and white calico.

Cueball became road pizza due to one of the would-be racers in my neighborhood. Good thing it wasn't someone's child... or maybe it isn't. Maybe someone might pay attention then.

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As anucustimed ast I am to pubic speaking

I find it odd that anyon ewith a lick a since would espect me to stand up and comede with you.

You may begin laughing now in the hopes that it will drown out any unfunny thing I may forget to say.

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Don't let me forget this

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