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I survived a robbery attempt at work

The fellow ended up a few packets of cigarettes and I ended up with a bruised throat.
He did not get into the cash register.
I got to ride to the police station in a police car and I got to sit with a sergeant in an interview room and give my statement while he typed on a Dell computer.
I got the rest of the morning off and I don't have to go to work this evening.

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Ladies and gentlefuns, I present:

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I have been sick

Spent the last two nights off from work.
Which is funny because Christmas week my assistant manager (the WR) scheduled me off (without asking me)for three days before working Christmas eve and Christmas day and then two days off after. They used up my unused sick days for the year in order to schedule my days off.

I think I got sick being off. Then I had to take off being sick, with no sick time left. Wow.

I did get to spend two evenings with Shnooks, eating pizza and being lazy and walking to the mall to the used video store and the bookstore.

My fill-in at the 7-11 was the WR. Nobody else had the time or was inclined. So she ended up working 16 hours yesterday. Poetic justice I think since I'd done the same for her and others so many times before.

So I woke up this morning and picked up some trash, as I have it everywhere, being the batchelor living slob that I am. Then I made some bad coffee and sat in the loo reading Vanity Fair (the magazine, I have no knowledge of the book). Then I got up and looked for my cellaphone and discovered I'd messed up and lost it. It was in the last place I looked, the bag of trash I'd collected. Boy, did I feel stupid.

So I was reading this excerpt in Vanity Fair from a book by Sally Bedell Smith about Jackie Kennedy.
Fascinating. She was twelve years younger than Jack, who remained unmarried until he was 36 and kept acting like he was unmarried in many ways until his death. She smoked filtered L and M cigarettes almost incessantly, even when she was pregnant. She held herself at 120 pounds when she wasn't gravid. She sought the counsel of a doctor in the fear that her lack of sexual experience was making Jack seek gratification elsewhere. According to the book, the fact that she was willing to bring the subject up at a private dinner one night brought her to a new level of respect in Jack's eyes. He continued to gather mistresses like ties, but he spent a little more time with his wife when he had the time. She on the other hand was intellectually unfaithful mainly because Jack was unsophisticated. Sounds like a royal couple to me.
They had the intelligence and sense to stay out of each other's way when it was necessary. She was horsey and he was boatey. She set up an in-house daycare and nursery school cooperative at the White House and redocorated the place with donations while he cavorted with men of influence and women of variable virtues.

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I'm not as young as they think I am

I am almost 47.
I have customers who think I am at least ten years younger.

I have some who are younger than I who treat me like a teenager.

Also, I have this voluminous knowledge of history, fashion, and other supposed trivia. So I have people who are my age talking about things being "before their time" and I have no idea what they are talking about.

It never ceases to bore me how ignorant people are about their own cultures and legacies. So much is unrooted in the now, that I wonder what they have to teach their children, if anything.

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it seems I have not written

in here for awhile.

I wonder why.

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