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The Ultimate Marvel Film Guide:
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Listed below are all the Marvel film adaptations made in this period, with recurring actors and characters who appear in other films shown in Bold. Also mentioned is whether the films pass the Bechdel Test. This can be summarised as whether the film involves two or more female characters who have a conversation together that does not focus on men in general or specific male characters.

The New Mutants

DirectorJosh Boone
StudioGenre Gilms and Sunswept Entertainment, distributed by 20th Century Studios
PlotFollowing the death of her father and all in her village, Danielle Moonstar is taken to a hospital run by Dr Reyes who informs her that she is a mutant and is now in a home for teenage mutants. Also there are four other teenage orphaned mutants who are learning to control their powers before being allowed to leave the hospital. Yet soon all their nightmares start coming to life and attacking them while they uncover who is really behind the hospital.
Length91 minutes
SettingA hospital for mutant children
  • Danielle 'Dani' Moonstar, Cheyenne mutant attracted to Rahne (Blu Hunt)
    • Powers: Brings nightmares to life
  • Rahne Sinclair, Scottish werewolf attracted to Dani (Maisie Williams)
  • Illyana Rasputin, Russian mutant with a puppet haunted by nighmare 'Smiley Men' (Anna Taylor-Joy)
    • Powers: Sorceress, can manifest a sword, teleport and turn her puppet into a dragon
  • Samuel Guthrie, American mutant who accidentally killed his mining family (Charlie Heaton)
    • Powers: Supersonic flight
  • Roberto 'Bobby' Da Costa, Brazilian mutant (Henry Zaga)
    • Powers: Has fire powers and burns when excited
  • Dr Cecilia Reyes, head of the hospital (Alice Braga)
    • Powers: Creates impenetrable forcefield – used to surround the hospital to prevent any escape
Related FilmsThe X-Men series, particularly Logan1
Bechdel TestEasy Pass
CameosMarilyn Manson voices the Smiley Men

The New Mutants was an attempt to make a trilogy of low-budget superhero film that took the X-Men in a new direction with a younger cast of mutant heroes and is the first Marvel film to have openly gay characters. Filming finished in September 2017. Originally intended to be a horror, the film was toned down during production only for the original release date of 2018 to pass by, followed by reshoots intended to make the film scarier. Release was again delayed as Disney negotiated the purchase of 20th Century Fox and after numerous release dates came and went with rumours implying that the delay in release date was because film was terrible, although the previous X-Men films had failed to do well also2. The proposed sequels. The film was finally released in August 2020 only to immediately bomb like many films released during the height of the Covid pandemic, recouping less than half its production costs.

1The New Mutants includes footage from that film of the Essex Corporation.2This was another film in the Game of Thrones curse conspiracy theory which speculates that films starring actors who became famous through appearing in Game of Thrones consistently flop.

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