I am a guy. A guy from Peterborough. Or at least that's what I claim. I could tell you that I'm from the Orion Nebula but that would be lying. No, I'm from Tau Bootis. Find the bootes constellation, find the star Arcturus and just west of that is a hyperspace junction. Turn left then it's the third on the right. Big yellow thing, you can't miss it. (N.B. Not actually the sun itself but the small planet, well i say small but it's actually quite big. Tau Bootis only has one planet and that itself is surprisingly close to the star. Great weather all year round. Good for getting a tan. Bad for skin cancer.) I am also the critically acclaimed inventor of the Chocolate Orange powered space craft. The theory goes something like this:

'Tap and unwrap'. Tap? You have to smack the bloody thing before it even starts to open. And it is from this that i have drawn this idea. It is well known that if something is hit hard enough the charges of the protons(+) and electrons(-) invert and swap places. If the same could be applied to chocolate oranges, a substance that would withstand the shock and not break, we would have an orange with a completely new electron configuration. Effectively an 'Anti-Matter' Chocolate Orange. This anti matter version could be combined with a normal matter orange the release of energy from the two would be enough to jump start a second big bang. If this energy could be channeled down a rocket, it could go, in theory, close to the speed of light and will keep going for ages.

It's just a theory.

Ix was originally ford's name.

Just so that you know.


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