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Ruth Whittaker is a wholly remarkable homo-sapien. While being one of the few mortals to have a "The" in front of their name (such as THE Queen or THE Pope), she also lacks certain things that make most beings win at life, while others like her, tend to lose a rather unfair amount of times.

It is common knowledge throughout the Galaxy that The Ruth's one weakness is an aquatic creature found on the Planet Earth named a Shark (see Shark). Her method of meticulously locating its gills and then spending a good half an hour prodding it until it dies is a less favourable method of warding off these creatures compared to giving it a sharp punch on the, rather big and easy to hit, nose. Luckily she hasn't met any sharks yet. But they are plotting to get her sooner or later.

As far as the technology of Miss Whittaker is concerned she insists on using a human operating system known as Vista, as oppose to the cheaper and more awesome system, XP. Upon going out to do a full survey of the system, while she demonstrated it to me, it proceeded to start up (eventually) and then crash whenever told to open a PowerPoint.

Despite these many flaws she is a lovely person and will most likely end up ruling at least this sector of the Galaxy after defeating whole star systems with her sharp wit and superior knowledge of everything non-shark related.

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