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Hello and Welcome to my Personal Space. Have a nice stay and leave a message if you want. Oh yes, My Website is also a nice place to go to, if you're into that sort of thing.

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If you're new to h2g2, or just want a refresher course in the basics, Feisor has written a page of Hints and Links for New Researchers.

After reading this you might like to write your own entry for h2g2. Don't be shy, just do it. If you think it meets the Writing Guidelines you can even submit it to Peer Review!

Why Oberon2001?

OK (takes deep breath), Oberon is a character in the play A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare and I'm an actor (ish) so it seemed appropriate. The 2001 part comes from the novel/film 2001:A Space Oddessy by Arthur C Clarke. Quite why I picked this reference might have something to do with the fact I was reading the novel at the time.
Coincidentally, Oberon is also the name of a moon which orbits Uranus1. Details of this great moon can be found at the NASA Website. Unfortunately, Titania is bigger than me.

I've had a great evening, though this wasn't it

Groucho Marx.
Anybody else think we should have a Groucho Marx smiley?

Top Five Edited Entries

I think I have enough entries to compile this list, so here goes -

  1. Tony Blair - a Profile - One of the first h2g2 entries that I wrote and on quite an important person. Very proud to have written it.
  2. The Marx Brothers - A fantastic collabrative entry to work on and one in which I learned a lot of new things about the Bros.
  3. Ways of Making a Good Cup of Tea - An epic collabrative entry. Great fun and found out new ways to make my morning cuppa.
  4. The Creation of the Space Shuttle - Written just after the Columbia accident, I'm surprised there wasn't an entry on it before.
  5. Yes Minister - the TV Series - Very funny show and working on the entry gave me new insight to it.

This researcher would like to apologise for the stale nature of this Personal Space, but, after a European Court of Human Rights ruling banning apologies on the grounds that they are a breach of a person's right to dignity, he can't.

My Specialist Subjects

  1. Comedy (yeah, it's true. I know a fair bit about comedy. Go on, test me - mostly UK stuff though)
  2. British Politics smiley - yawn
  3. British Law
  4. The Media Industry

Things you might like to see

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  • The Campaign to Re-name Thursday "Thing" - This simply can't be described. Go there and have a laugh.
  • Douglas Adams' vision for h2g2 - If you want to know what h2g2 is all about go here, it'll give you a new perspective. At least it did for me.
  • Prague - This is really just here so I remember, I'm thinking of going this summer.
  • Hostelling - Don't leave home without this!
  • Can you read this?I Survived 
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