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It's goodnight from me...

The Two Ronnies are making a comeback ->

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The Simpsons

In dire need of an update -> A362260
Any volunteers to help me?

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Some Questions

Here's a few questions that have been buzzing around my mind recently. Answers on a postcard please smiley - tongueout

1. If the 'new' Labour Government wants to get 50% of all school leavers into University, how many sixth formers would that take? 70%? 80%? Are there even that many that want to go to university? There are quite a few that simply don't feel university is for them and want to get out into the real world.

2. In the past 6 years there have been a number of military conflicts fought by the British (at least in part). Has 'new' Labour done the unthinkable and fought more military conflicts in 6 years than the Tories managed to do in 18 years?

3. Should a new tax bracket be introduced (along with a move of the 40% tax threshold) to tax the really rich (who can afford it)? This would generate more revenue and improve the country, shurely?

4. Should NHS funding be linked to the number of beds a hospital has? This would stop managers arguing they need to cut the number of beds to save money, whilst really increasing the amount of beaurucrats.

... I really should get out more.


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I think I'm gonna get egged for this...

The Met Police have today announced a great, fantastic, brilliant idea for tackling the problem of being institutionally racist. They are going to be... racist!

It's a brilliant idea to pay bobbies money for every ethnic minority that they encourage to join the police force. Naturally, they'll also be paid for every person from an ethnic majority that they recr...

*whisper off-stage*

What, they won't? Oh... but isn't that a bit... You know. Oh right, it's ok to discriminate against majorities but not minorities. I see.

On a similar note, both the LibDems and Labour have introduced all-women shortlists when electing who should stand for them in Parliamentry elections. But it's ok, it aims to 'redress the balance' (their words, not mine) and after all it discriminates against men, not women, so that's all right then.

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How things change...

An address by the Rt Git Iain Duncan-Smith MP, alleged leader of the Opposition.

"Ah-hem! *cough* Yes, if I could have your attention please. Yes, you at the back. I don't care if it is stuck, stop playing with it!

Some of you may have noticed that the Tories have decided to abolish tutition fees and top-up fees... wait, no definitely the Tories. Hmm, that's strange. And, yes, and Labour are supporting them...?

Are you sure about this? Shouldn't it be the other way round? No? Oh.

*cough* This shows how the Tories are fundamentally different to the Labour Party. They nick our policies, we come out against them. Look forward to our policy of nationalising the railways, gas, power, water, etc and the privatisation of John Prescott."

Cue rapturous applause (by Micheal Portillo, who can spot an oppurtunity to become leader a mile off) and general bewilderment from everyone else.

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