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Jedi - Get trained, go on missions
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Join the 'We Hate Werekitty Club'. Go on and make me feel appreciated!
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Hi! Im a girl with an obsession for beasties

A red dragonLARGEand small

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What? You mean I didn't scare you off yet? Dude there's something wrong with you *shakes head sadly* Hey, , ever wanted to have a beastie or turn into one? Undergo the mad scientist treatment and fulfill that wish HERE

WerebeastiesWerekitty the werekittyDr. Anthea the WerekittenNevermore the WerehumanCatwoman the original H2G2 Werecat - a freak of un-natureSt. Jon Quixote the werewhitetigerPhoniex the weresnowleopardRalph the Wonder Llama, the were-Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of TraalMystrunner the wereangelSchrodinger's Cat Flap the weresiamesecatNarapoia the WerelemurReefgirl the WerevixenFlying Betty the WeredragonAries the WerewolfDragantha the Werehuman (normally a dragon)DrunkenDeath the Weresnake (literally legless)Gangorlas the White the WerewolfcatMadpea the WereelvenwingedcatarooCraxus the Werebalrog (pround owner of a Nazgul)Archaris the WerephoenixHis Divine Shadow the WerewookieMombassa the WerethunderbirdPantherlady the WerepantherLimitless the WerelionMetroid the WeremetroidHappysuggs the burgundy WerehedgehogMullet the Weremullet (a kind of fish)The Average Joe the WeregorillaHeavyasMetal the WerewolfSerephina the WereleopardHelelou2 the WereferretGaia the Weresphinxcrazyhorse the WerelionbullWøñkø †hë {Îñ}§åñë the WerehydraCael the WerepantherWhat is rule one? the Wereblacktigerpdante the Wereantbob3559 the WerecatSilunaka the WerefishyEóin the firebreathing WeretermiteTacysa the Tapdancing Turkey Taker's Werecow artichoke (cos there's always one)Kiro Yukai the WeredragonFloridaSailor the WeresharkExcelsior the Werewolfcinnamon_spider the WereMacaroniPenguinDamien Yukai the WeresabretoothedpenguinIsross the WereWyvernRaekor the WeredragonKhamsin the WereGreatCrestedNewt Cat-Eyes the WeredragonUncle Bob the WeretigerGet the Code for this list Become a werebeast yourself

My beastie, though is the werecat, I also like centaurs, griffins and wyverns. The spare time I dont spend on h2g2, where I have a habit of ending sentences.... and sticking my foot in my mouth during peer review, i spend doodling bizzarre beasties, and once for an art project I made 5 in clay, which was fun.
My favourite TV series' are Escaflowne and Lexx. I've seen most of the Simpsons, most of the first few series' of Buffy, and my favourite movie is The City of Lost Children. Closely followed by Matrix, Hudson Hawk, Apocolypse Now, Lady Hawk, Hellraiser, Delicatessen, Amelie and Fifth Element. My favourite band is System of a Down, I also like Coil, Korn, Nightwish (thanks to Ralph the Wonder Llama), Rammstein, and more. I love the soundtrack to the game Gitaroo Man. I love poetry, and dreams, and magic - although magic to me includes plants growing and sunrises.
Favourite books: Discworld series, I like DNA's work (read 'em all cept the one that wasn't completed), Robert Rankin, Whalesong, A Bone from a Dry Sea, Skellig, The Last Unicorn (Probably my favourite book), Moonwind, and more.
Gameswise my fave is Final Fantasy 8. I enjoy the other final fantasies, Grandia, Ratchett n Clank, Gitaroo Man, Devil may Cry, and Soulreaver. I love good plots in a game.

Looks wise in my human shape I am a little above average height for a female. I have blue eyes, freckles, long randomly coloured redish hair and slightly pointed ears of which I'm very proud.

CATCH THE FISH - No really do. Try it.

smiley - fish

I Share This Space With My Pirate Pet

Here also lives Nevermore the werehuman - his natural shape is that of a raven, but he kept pooing on the furniture so I made him a were so I could explain to him not to. His half shape is similar to some kind of pointy nosed clawed ragged black angel. He never takes his full human shape and he's blind in one eye.
Nevermore has a twin brother owned by CraxusBlackbirds on a telephone

Lynx (hee hee - lynx sounds like links but I'm a cat...)

Amusing page Take a note of the researchers....
The End is Nigh!!! smiley -


Visit my page on vivisectionGo to my SITE Devilish child.

What I know about Guide Ml

To pinch ml from other h2g2 pages you like type this into the url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/Test**** Where **** is the number of the page (leave out the A) For other stuff go here: Approved GuideML. or here: Marquee stuff
Picture library
And IF you want to know who have put you as their friends put this: in between and .
If you want to see the code for MY home page then go here Code for A738812


The ManThe Llama
I am a Member of the Ralph the Wonder Llama Fanclub: Ralphites1) Werekitty2) Odo3) Lou4) Anthea5) Mullet6) Rag Doll7) paul1974Become a ralphite

I'm keeper of Werebeasties, Lexx and Kai
I'm Captain Red of the Ragnorak Pirates
I'm a Guardian angel and Patron Saint of His Divine Shadow's Assassin
I'm Thingite - The Grand High Master and Lordess of Albino and yellow and were (were like werewolf) Wallaroos, the animal that's smaller than a kangaroo and even cuter. (kill, kill my pretties)
I'm a Brigadeer in the Terranic Army and in charge of Regiment JG3
I'm a disgraced Jedi learner once known by the name of Tobru De'ran, now known as Darth Velte. Although now I've returned to the lightside and am now Tobru again.
As a jedi I fight with a golden coloured light-saber, and a black light-whip. Thankyou Ralph smiley - :


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ex Brigadeer, now Tealady Werekitty aka Tobru De'ran; ex sith extraordinaire, well poked veggie fascist and Goo Goose

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