Nope, still can't think of anything witty to put here...

Hello, whoever you may be! I don't know why you want to read about me, but here is some stuff anyway... smiley - ok

My proper name is Lindsay, although I'm known as Rains. Despite being a girl I'm actually highly mechanically minded, particularly if cars are involved.

My pet subjects are:

  • Land Rovers
  • Subaru Imprezas (road and WRC)
  • Volvos. I know, I know.

I am also the Keeper of Inappropriate Honesty1, and the Sound of a Rover V82.

I spent almost 5 years of my life working for an automotive manufacturer based in the Midlands, until I gave up work in June 2006 to, er, become a lady of leisure3 until our plans to start a family kick off. I live in Leamington Spa, and am frequently amazed at the local house prices, which probably means that by the time we need a family house, we won't be able to afford one smiley - erm.

I was dumb enough to mark the spot where I live on the H2G2 Researcher's Map. If you're passing, I'm sure I could offer you a smiley - tea or a smiley - coffee if you want to drop by.

I'm a volunteer SExpert at the Science Explained Forum, with a specialism of automotive engineering4. But all sorts of other scientific questions can be asked and answered there, and it's well worth dropping by smiley - smiley.

I am also a member of the H2G2 Car Club. I was saving all my money to buy a Fabia RS or a VW Golf GTI, but since I got married to a lovely bloke called Dave in June 2005, we've spent all our money on the house and garden instead. I currently drive a Seat Arosa5 diesel, which is fast up to 35mph and slow afterwards; although the low-down torque does mean I can burn off Max Power boys smiley - evilgrin.

Apart from cars, I do a lot of reading (Terry Pratchett and Christopher Brookmyre being my favourites) and I also listen to a wide variety of music (from Black Sabbath to Enya).

I'm not especially arty but I do like Art Deco and Art Nouveau and long for a home with a bit more character than a Barratt Box. For some reason I can't fathom, I quite enjoy coming up with decoration schemes and planning kitchens. Perhaps I'm more domesticated than I'd like to think smiley - rofl.

I'm also an official h2g2 Photographer, and I'm looking forward to having an excuse to start playing with our spangly digital camera.

And after all that, feel free to drop me a line. I am a veritable fount of useless knowledge (very useful in pub quizzes) and I'll talk about anything. Plus I have a collection of friends the likes of whom are rarely seen outside of Brookside, so I'm a decent Agony Aunt!

Stuff I'm Working On

These are just links for my own use, as I'm trying to complete a University Project on the history and brands of British Leyland6 (I want a shiny badge!) and it helps me if I can actually see all the entries I'm working on at the moment smiley - biggrin

In Progress7...

1Such gems as "What's that smell like drain cleaner? Oh, it's your perfume? Well, I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't really think it stank". Basically, anything which is said without malice, but rapidly deteriorates into what the recepient thinks is a personal attack as the giver tries and fails to dig themselves out. It's different to tactlessness!2There is no sound quite as knee-trembling as a healthy, carb-fed Rover V8. In my opinion, anyway.3Apart from the washing, cooking, cleaning, ironing...4Well, I could have said forensic mineralogy, but you wouldn't have believed me.5The What Car review of this car said the following: FOR - Named like a sex toy; AGAINST - Vibrates like a sex toy.6If you've got any history, anecdotes or inside knowledge, drop me a line - all help welcome!7Yes, I know there's a whole pile over there of entries, but I haven't really started them yet...


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