The 'Invite the Italic(s) to Tea' Movement

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It has come to the attention of some of h2g2's more venereal - no venerable - Researchers that the Italic(s) are in dire need of a Coming Out -,
'Getting to Know the Community Party'.

smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - Teapot of Temptation

The current President of Hootoo - Madame Hypatia - has set aside time in her busy schedule to allow Researchers and the Italic(s) to come together on the lawn of Alabaster House for a

smiley - starTea Party of Epic Proportionssmiley - star

If you feel you want the Italic(s) to get to know everyone a bit more, add your name below, then once a date and time has been organised, a proper invitation will be extended to the Italic(s)- and everyone will pop along to Alabaster House and get to know them better!

The Tea Party date and time is Official!

The lawn at Alabaster House will be open from:

0800am (ish) Wednesday 29th August, 2007 GMT/BST
(Greenwich Mean Time/British Standard Time)

for general setting up of tables, eyeing off hats, and brewing the tea for the Italic(s) to hopefully arrive by horse-drawn fish bowl at 1000am (or around about then.)

See you there!


The more names we have, it looks like an official sort of petition to get the hard-working so-and-sos out from behind the h2g2 Towers musty old doors - and get them feeling more like a part of the hootoo community, rather than the people who just sort out all the problems.

Please feel free to bring along nibbles and other bits and pieces to the Party

BYO nuts

Petitioned Attendees

The current list of h2g2 Researchers coming to sip from the bone.

  1. U200042
  2. U168592
  3. U187820
  4. U190397
  5. U3263512
  6. U519437
  7. U4646274
  8. U202814
  9. U230913
  10. U129860
  11. U183682
  12. U2723325
  13. U1330481
  14. U142060
  15. U551837
  16. U1046172
  17. U612575
  18. U2385902
  19. U236943
  20. U218978
  21. U205100
  22. U649222
  23. U3151547
  24. U180656
  25. U8401460
  26. U3508889
  27. U38014
  28. U780990
  29. U2750614
  30. U5477852
  31. U169793
  32. U723247
  33. U903557
  34. U95721
  35. U155058
  36. U198984
  37. U201818
  38. U9020300
  39. U62867
  40. U1517744

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