I am pailaway

An old-fashioned sailing ship.

The name is meant to make you think of "sail away", but with the idea that the boat has a leak. I consider it an apt metaphor for how my brain works.

It also rhymes with Rabelais, so that's a good thing.

Other than that, I am a completely fictional character in my own life.

Actually, That's Not True

A mandolin in the foreground; the reflection in a mirror of the mandolin's owner, h2g2 Researcher Pailaway, in the background.

I do exist. On May 3 in 1955, I turned zero - that was in Washington D.C. which is perhaps the only place in the US where you can be born outside of the US.

I have since lived in Oregon, Delaware, Virginia, Washington D.C. again, and now New Mexico in a passive solar home that my wife and I are allowed to share with our cat.

Right out of university, I had a job at which a fellow employee who was nearing retirement died at his desk. That pretty much ruined work for me. I have since held a number of jobs, generally in the field of engineering, and I am now allowed by my wife to think that I run a little land surveying company. It's just the two of us, and I do all the field work, which is great.

Roswell is just 70 miles to the East and whether or not you believe aliens crash landed there1, it's a great place to get postcards to send and also little green alien head thingys to put on your car antenna.

What Famous People are Saying about pailaway

George W Bush

What Not-so-famous People are Saying

'I always said he could do a lot better if he would just pay attention.'
Ms Marm, His Primary School Teacher2

Say, how about them Rimickles?

Have you not heard of these? Then you owe it to yourself to find out about them H2G2="A1086770">here.

This is what people are saying about them:
'They're astoundingly hard on the ear.'

(Future) Guide Entries I am (maybe3) Working On

Guide Entries I have Finished

And two Guide Entries that I've Co-authored

And one Underguide Entry that I'm quite proud of

Some links I might do well to visit from time to time

Oh and for Goodness Sake, don't forget to check out:

What good is an Introduction without a Quote from Mark Twain?

This is my favourite: "It is no harm to be an ass, if one is content to bray and not kick."

Circular routes across the planet Earth.
1On the one hand, I can't imagine there aren't other sentient beings in the universe. On the other hand, those people who say they've actually seen aliens? - I don't think I believe them.2George W's3Well, I am fictional, after all44(no I'm not)


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