Carrot - The Vegetable

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Daucus carota - carrot - a left-brain-food root vegetable.

Species: Latin D. carota; Genus: Daucus; Family: Apiaceae; Order: Apiales; Class Magnoliopsida; Division: Magnoliophyta; Kingdom: Plantae.

Seriously though, it is a vegetable preferred by six out of ten left-brains.

Left-Brain vs Right-Brain

Here's the test1 - ask someone these questions in rapid fire:

What is two plus four?

What is three plus three?

What is five plus one?

What is two plus two?

What vegetable comes to mind?

The answer given to that last question will most often be "carrot". While we're not sure why, at least on the face of it the questions certainly engage the left brain, and once engaged it blurts out "carrot!" so it's perfectly reasonable to conclude that the carrot is what the left-brain likes to think about.

This, of course, leaves us to wonder what the right-brain likes to think about - and the answer is found here.

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1This test has been making the rounds of the internet and emails for years now. If you've seen it already, just pretend you've forgotten and read on.

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