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If you're here, it's probably because I posted something today. That is, unless you make some kind of regular pilgrimage to my PS to mourn the loss of Leo to H2G2... yeah, didn't think so.

I dropped off because of Pailaway (yes, something that isn't 2legs's fault). He made engineering sound like a good option. I've been studying. And stuff. And now I'm surfacing and wondered whatever happened to this place so I dropped in for a visit. And lo! I hardly recognize it. Someone brought the graphics into the 21st century. Nothing else seems to have changed much, though.

Am I back? Dunno. I'm not going to make those promises that linger on in people's tags long after they've ceased updating. (Do we still have tags?) But hi!

And my old PS is right below this:

I actually put stuff here, but I didn't like it. If you want to know about me you can just ask. Anyway, if you bump into me among the threads you'll learn more than enough.

Lest I be accused of lack of authenticity:51-9+(4+3)-7=42

I'm a founding member (CEO) and lone frothing-at-the-mouth fundamentalist of the FootiNooti Society. No point in following the link - I'm the lone holdout for enforced civility in online debate.

I'm also replacing Skankyrich as PR Grump, which means I'll speak my mind without compunction, disagree with everyone else just on principle, and be entirely unpleasant whenever it suits my fancy (well someone has to do it!). Skankyrich has gone on to be "Wry. Witty and urbane, a veritable reservoir of charm." (His old friends won't recognise him.)

Attention Europeans: the owner of this personal space is American. Americans are not touchy-feely people. They tend to carry a two-foot radius of personal space around with them and regard anyone who invades it as rude. When it is necessary to breach the walls of personal space, Americans do it with their arms only, reaching across the void for a handshake. Americans do not do the "Hello! *hug kiss kiss* How are you? Oh that's too bad, *hug kiss* feel better and oh thank you so much for the gift *hug kiss kiss* that you sent I just love it" thing that Europeans so adore. Hugs and kisses give Americans a creepy feeling, somewhat akin to the feeling you get when you imagine being covered in spiders. This American kindly requests that you take this into consideration next time you feel the urge to land a kiss, to prevent any urges on the American's part to land a punch.

Here's where my entries are listed. I used to wonder why people listed their entries when they're all at the bottom of your PS anyway, but then I became a sub and starting getting credited with lots of other people's entries too. Hence, the need to differentiate.

Links to make navigating this crazy site easier:

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