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Welcome to Alabaster House, the residence and office of Hypatia, President of all this fine land of hootoo. This lovely residence was built long ago, back in September, of '00.

Anyone and everyone (whether you voted for us or not) can join this administration in a job of their choosing, as long as it's not already taken, naturally. If you're so inclined, drop a message in the forum below and some low level functionary (the Vice President) will come by and put you up on this page.

If you're a current administration official or have left a message, please subscribe to this page. You never know when a banquet will be held in your honor and it would be a shame if you didn't attend because you didn't see it in your conversations list. It just makes things easier for us all.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Cabinet

Foreign Office

The Kitchen Cabinet

  • Chief Caterer and Lavatory Receipt Checker - U218053
  • Chief Procurer of Doughnuts, Chocolates, and Other Calorie-Laden Foodstuffs - U216391

The Judiciary

The Hexagon

  • Protector of Her Excellency and His Vice Excellency, the Grand Pooh-Bah of Ohio, and the protector of her sheep and liberties/Commander of the Presidential Army - U184003
  • Military Advisor - U517309
  • Head of Security - U28338


Within the Alabaster House Library is a gloriously lit atrium, housing baby ducks and a picture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (which the ducks have come to worship).

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