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Muse of Evil Grinning Elf Dudes
Head of Reconnaissance in The Assassin's Guild

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{Inset a verry verry verry huge titanicly large...but not too large but still very big...and..then...after which...followed by...and then came the part about the tightly fitting cloths but the author decided that he had already put in enough bs and decided to end with a verry anoying cliff hanger that looked like this: TO BE CONTINUED...OR NOT...OR Maybe...but probably not...oh well it was a verry verry verry tall cliff that it hung from, anywho the big "m" is made up of a bunch of smaller "m"'s}

For Super Moo

To sum the above instruction up: {Place the thing with the thing that does the thing with the thing and...ya just forget about it and put a big "m" there...}


EVIL, BAD, NOT GOOD, VILINOUS, CORECTION SUPER VILINOUS, NO GOODER, WRONG DOER, THINKER OF EVIL SCHEMES, BADER THAN BAD, GRAMATICALLY AND POLITICALLY INCORECT, ROBO-BILLY GOAT WHO IS EVIL For Evil, Bad, Not Good, Vilinous, Corection Super Vilinous, No Gooder, Wrong Doer, Thinker of Evil Schemes, Bader Than Bad, Gramatically and Politically Incorect, Robo-Billy Goat Who is Evil, but you can call him EBNGVCSVNGWDTESBTBGPIRBGWE for short, although he hates that name so just call him Robo-Billy Goat instead of EBNGVCSVNGWDTESBTBGPIRBGWE


ALSO TO BE NOTED: Each letter in EBNGVCSVNGWDTESBTBGPIRBGWE is to be said seperatly in the correct prononciation of propernacity...(I just said it how can it not be a word if I JUST SAID it...Forget the english to spanish dictionry its all a lie...Anywho...Its a word to me and It will soon be forgotenized)

Y.A.C. NOTE: Robo-Billy Goat is SuperMoo's evil mad scientist-like nemisis who is evil.

A NOTE OF A NOTE: Y.A.C. NOTE stands for Yet Another Cowtastic NOTE...well what else dide you think NOTE stood for...ham on rye?

Other Notes of Notenacity

I Belong To Cow House

I Belong To Musehome

Cows say 'Moo', not 'Mer', not 'Oom', and not 'Hey'...definatly not hey {everyone knows cows say 'yo5' not 'hey'}

Quote of The Right Now...
"yes...yes you should ask him...oh...wait...he's talking in third
person again and people are starting to wonder...quick...say
something smart in first person...
smiley - erm...I...er...grow store!!!
not exactly what I had in mind..."
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Check out my DeviantArt account where I have been posting my sketch drawing comic "Midnight Aire"...'tis güd...'tis very güd...and güd in a funny güd way...güd...güd...güd...güd...güd...güd...güd... Echo...echo...echo...echo...echo...echo...echo...echo...echo... Underarm deoderant!...Peptobismo Pie!...
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The Grand Duke of The Cows at Cow House

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Memberof The GreatCow House

The Muse Of Evil Grinning Elf Dudes smiley - evilgrinsmiley - elf

I am the Muse of
Evil Grinning Elf Dudes
smiley - evilgrinsmiley - elf

For Destiny Dictates
Commander in
The Evil Army of H2G2
So We Follow

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The Eagle V - The Winabago
Spaceballs Appreciation Society

I want to become

Keeper of The Cows

Check out my Tropical Forecasts. As of now it's only for the atlantic season, although eventually I'd like to expand to the east pacific season as well.

Oh and:
Version: 1.1
RA Y N SG+ A++ P+ L+++(-) M s V- E-
PR p a- B? TV? r D T+ nh C++(+++) m t
-----END H2G2 CODE BLOCK-----

My Personality:
Introverted (I) 76.67% Extroverted (E) 23.33%
Sensing (S) 52.94% Intuitive (N) 47.06%
Thinking (T) 71.43% Feeling (F) 28.57%
Judging (J) 66.67% Perceiving (P) 33.33%

ISTJ - "Trustee". Decisiveness in practical affairs. Guardian of time-honored institutions. Dependable. 11.6% of total population.

Take Your Personality Test

Here's another set of personality test results that seems to fit me even better:
moderately expressed Introvert (56%7)
moderately expressed iNtuitive personality (33%)
distinctively expressed Thinking personality (67%)
slightly expressed Judging personality (22%)

The description of INTJ's

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Apearently I am also possessed by Yaazorok Daaggoth, The King of The Demons...as I have several times started levetating before being jarred back to my usual form by hitting my head on the cieling...
Attack of the Prunes

In order to be able to get to the site you might have to copy the address into a new browser...

This is a megamanesque webcomic that EvilClaw, Danigaaz, and myself make...it's good...
Attack of
the Prunes
In a galaxy very near, there lived a
great bunch of guys. They were known
as The Authors and The webMASTER.
And their sprite comic was known
throughout the locality as:
Attack of the Prunes.

For SuperMoo
SuperMoo and all SuperMoo associated personages accept no responsability for self-induced insanity, self-induced insomnia,or any isobaric, isothermal, isochoric, isodom, and isonounic statements due to the mispell-edness of wording or the lack of propernacity and truth of translation in the Spanish-English Dictionary of Translatatory Diction
1We're working on getting everything set to start the threads as you read this...2And help me by telling me which ones I missed and their A-numbers3among other things4aka leader of Cow House5'yo' is translated from the cow languge known as The Way of The Cow6My screen name there7Note that these percentages are a percentage of how much I am the trait not how much of my personality is the trait as were the percentages of the previous test. To turn these percentages into one compairable with the previous ones divide by two and add 50


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