Evil Army of H2G2 Headquarters

The Presidential Army of H2G2 under the Presidency of Hypatia of The Ozarks

Hello Evil Beings of H2G2. Especially you

| The Evil Tea Room | Vice Commander Black Leopard's Office
| The Evil InterGalactic MeatPatty of Doom (IGMPD) | Minions of Destiny |

Current Member Count: 73!
Seventy-three Members! Destroy all Humans!
Minions of Destiny1. Supreme Commander EvilClaw*2. Commander SuperMoo*3. Commander Draco*4. Commander Overmind*5. AK6. Alex7. Wonko8. Uncle_Bob9. Jennifer Yorke Yorke10. Gameboy Guy11. Mickelsbig112. Dr Anthea13. Danigaaz14. Anole15. Joe Innes16. Hussassan17. Captain Nuge18. Tasterainbows19. P.C. Moose20. Captain Khamsin21. xanthippi22. Ferret23. Commander Black Leopard*24. Midnight_Trucker25. Garstan De Faw26. Bigalexe27. elwyn_centauri28. MysteriousOneWoS29. Designmonkey30. Red...31. MadHank32. Radioface33. benjahv*34. Damien35. David36. Lostblinks37. _king_mob38. spawn of grinch39. archShade40. bobbyjoe65641. Edddie_sixtimesseven42. Admiralcard43. The Everlasting Know-it-all, Darth Yogurt 44. NERD42 45. elektragheorgheni 46. Tavaron 47. Malcolm, Colin's Evil Clone 48. Paul H. 49. Minister Reefgirl* 50. fundamentallyflawed 51. Angussporran* 52. Navigator Black* 53. Captain LeRue 54. thornthedruidguy 55. Chronomanicmechanic 56. markthehamster 57. Sprawwl 58. Zaphob 59. best_mates 60. Blmg_of_the_Zeds 61. Whatupwidat 62. Vauxhaul Astra 63. Cosmicdudeman 64. Kitush 65. Miraculousrandomness 66. TB Falsename* 67. broe jr 68. lil* 69. AsterikBoy86 70. rockcheekychimp50001 71. Aximili 72. Josh 73. Megachedda1

Before you stretches a huge army base that houses the Evil Army of H2G2. You can see from the entrance several doors that lead further into the base...

Above the base flies The Official Flag of The Evil Army of H2G2 and across the loudspeakers plays the March of The Evil Army of H2G22

One of the doors leads to the Barracks where the soldiers of the Evil Army stay. These include L.A.R.D.W.A.R.R.I.A.R.S. and E.V.I.L.M.I.N.I.O.N.S.

This door leads to the airport. This is where the F.F.S.T.s are docked when not used.

A shipyardThis door leads to the dock.

The offices of the leaders are over here. The top leaders are Supreme Commander EvilClaw and Commander SuperMoo.

This door leads to the Evil Annals of The Evil Army of H2G2

Our armory full of our secret acronym weapons is located thru this door.

Docked in low orbit above the base is is our Intergalactic Meatpatty of Doom, it is our portible base for off planet attacks.

This door leads to the Teleportation control center

Create an RPG Charactor: The H2G2SRPG

Welcome. Feel free to look around. Some interesting places for new and prospective members, as well as our older members:

For anyone who is wondering why several different people answer your postings, it is because we at the Evil Army of H2G2 all have a job to help run and maintain the site. If you haven't already noticed, my(SuperMoo's) job is site design as well as some answering. EvilClaw now adds new members to the list. Everyone else mainly answers. You too can help out by informing me if there are any typos or dead links you find on this page. And Remember: Only you can start forest fires and then blame it on someone else.

Also here is our badge. If you want to be the proud new owner of this badge you can join up by clicking Here

Official Member of
The Evil Army of H2G2
This Membership Has Been Approved
By The Founding Four

Alternate Badge:10

Member of the
Evil Army of H2G2
N N   Approved by the founding four. ü

For Destiny Dictates
Minion of Destiny in
The Evil Army of H2G2
So We Follow

This Badge brought to you by:

Pickers:the choice candy bar made by plumbers with drooping pants.11

For referances to the positions held by the founding four please visit our members list

If you wish to see notices of our invasion plans plese add this page to your friends list12

To Join just fill out this Evil Army of H2G2 Recruiting form

Name: your name U-number: your personal space number Pun Knowledge: The frequency of your pun usage Areas of Expertise: Things that you are knowledgable in(i.e. weapons expert, Spying/Lurking) Groups: What organizations are you involved in and what is your role in them Other: Anything else you want us to know Signature: (optional) How you sign your postings (i.e.your name or a set of smilies)

Ranked Persons13

EvilClaw: Supreme Commander

SuperMoo: Commander and Second in Command

Draco: Commander in charge of Air Support14

Overmind: Commander in charge of Ground Support15

Black Leopard: Commander in charge of The Evil Army Space Forces

Benjahv:Black-Op Leader

Reefgirl: Minister of "Truth"16

Angussporran: Ensign under Supermoo in Weapons Development

TB Falsename: His Grace the Deli Llama, spiritual leader of the EA and purveyor of high quality kosher produce and bagels.17 Also, washer of Supermoo's tights.18 Also, the Vice-Admiral of His Catjesty's Imperial Navy.

lil: Maker of Tea19 and Keeper of Rob the Carpet

Angussporran: Official Archivist and Chronicalist for the "Malton Excursion"

NavigatorBlack: Pirate Captain of the EAN Black Heart

Thanks to Wonko for creating the graphic that the graphic at the top of the page was adapted from

1*=the rank is associated with the Evil Army2Sandstorm by Darude3We all know how important it is to visit our commander's home and get to know him...as well as maybe offer some bribes...4He's a cow and is the Grand Duke of The Cows. He also is the leader of The Cow House. Eat all the beefburgers you want...just don't call em h*mburgers...He hates that lack of adknowledgement...He also takes bribes...Or maybe some thanks for designing this page...5The Overmind is in charge of the Zerg Primary Hive Cluster and PAZA(Protoss And Zerg Alliance)6He's a dragon and is the leader of The Dragon House. He is also in charge of air support in the Evil Army of H2G2.7Creative name huh? Put it on your site if you are a member.8The MotMV is where the majority of the Evil Army of H2G2 members "hang out"9This list was made to facilitate invasion choice to avoid invading an inactive/non-military society10Thanks to AK for creating this badge...it's far better than the other one...But in the spirit of Southern stuborness I will still leave the old one on the page...11EvilClaw has been begging me to tell everyone that this is his joke...but I won't...NEVER...oh poo...12I will post the information for each invasion in a journal which will show up on your conversation list13everyone else is rankless until given a promotion; also note:The list is generally ordered by rank level14Missing In Inaction15Missing In Inaction16Propaganda Minister17Cause he threatened violence if he didn't get this position18Revenge is a dish best served with pizza and BBQ Sauce19Seriously, did you want to keep drinking tea that that dead yak Bob made?


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Evil Army of H2G2

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