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If a society that you are a member of is not on this list or on the 'To Be Added' list then you can post a message at the bottom of this entry including the name and the A-number2

The Societies are listed in alphabetical order excluding words like 'H2G2', 'The', 'Royal', 'Society', and '(un)official'


smiley - ok=Active

!=Activity Unknown

smiley - zzz=Inactive

smiley - grr=Militant

?=Militancy Unknown



Alabaster House A444827

Alliance Empire (Assorted) A2273249

The Assassin's Guild A1123372smiley - oksmiley - grr


Babylon 5 Empire A2246816

Borg Hive A761708


The H2G2 Campsite A370487

The Capital Planet of The PinoNet Empire A2321902

Cat House A601606

The Celery Army A802630smiley - zzz

Central US Researchers Group A595163

CHOPPERS A380396smiley - oksmiley - grr

Cow House U518028smiley - oksmiley - grr

Crime Fighting Unit 6 A536807


The Dead Cat Society U153345

The Dog House A601174

The Dogs of War A898112smiley - zzzsmiley - grr

The Dragon Bar and Resturant A2837289

Dragon House A688430smiley - oksmiley - grr


Ecalpemos, The Continent A576326 X

The Evil Army of H2G2 U584611smiley - oksmiley - grr


The Feline Mercinary Army(FMA)smiley - oksmiley - grrA1897365

The H2G2 Fool's GuildA2080054

FREAK A1132345

The Free Fox Tac-Ops A691012smiley - zzzsmiley - grr


The Galactic Empire A966710

H2G2 Gods A598629smiley - ok

The H2G2 Great Outdoors Resort A800209

H2G2 Grey Hair Society A1080271smiley - okX

The H2G2 Guild of Bounty Hunters A1052768smiley - grr


Hell and Heavy Weapons3 A951112 ! ?

The Hellsing Organization A927047smiley - grr

The Royal H2G2 Historians Society A1310149

H2G2 Hospital A2682713


I.C.A.R.U.S. A159374


Jedi Academy A1116622smiley - oksmiley - grr



The Kingdom of Balwyniti A446078

The Klingon Empire A142732

The Knights of H2G2 A725276smiley - grr


The League of H2G2 A2139509smiley - oksmiley - grr

Legions of Hell U687703smiley - oksmiley - grr

Lil's Atelier A304354smiley - okX

Unofficial Lurkers Society A588440smiley - ok


The Martiman Empire A2211102

H2G2 Mercenaries A763742smiley - oksmiley - grr

Mercenaries Inc. A1053280smiley - oksmiley - grr

The H2G2 Metal Appreciators' Society A2556489smiley - ok

MotMV A233007smiley - oksmiley - grr

MotMV Pirate Ship A2441837smiley - oksmiley - grr

Musehome A420661smiley - okX

Musicians' Guild U150368smiley - ok

The Myth of 42 A530560


H2G2 NetHack & Slash'EM Rogues' Guild A972650


The Old Republic U764691

Operation Human Shock U190177smiley - zzzsmiley - grr


The Peter Panners Society A529094

H2G2 Pirates A952120smiley - oksmiley - grr

Planet 6667790 A534935smiley - zzz

The Potato Army HQ A643907smiley - grr

Royal Procrastinator's Society A431911smiley - ok

H2G2 Pythonists A1046701smiley - ok



The Random Quotes GuildA907382smiley - ok

H2G2 RPG A989698


The Saving The Galaxy Effort A303229smiley - zzz

S.H.A.D.O.W. A811810

Shadow Realm A2438750smiley - oksmiley - grr

The Sith Army A2288388smiley - grr

S.P.U.D. The Secret Potato-lovers Undercover Division A671122smiley - grr

Southeast US Researchers' Group A583760

The H2G2 Spy Society A671122smiley - oksmiley - grr

Stargate Command A975341smiley - ok

Stargate Empire A2245259smiley - grr

Star Trek Empire A2271502smiley - grr

Star Wars Empire A2250956smiley - grr

STUMPED A316658smiley - oksmiley - grr


The Tenlos Society A1075349smiley - ok

The Thieves Guild A1288280smiley - ok

Thingites A516647smiley - oksmiley - grr

Thundercats U197864

The H2G2 Society of Time Travelers A1023409smiley - ok

Terrania A820180smiley - ok

Terranic Army A1982775smiley - oksmiley - grr

Terranic Free State Armed Forces(TFSAF) A2418356smiley - oksmiley - grr

The Terranic Rebels" A1947242


The United Friends of H2G2spaceA703126

United Intergalactic Imperium A975945


The Vogans A950492smiley - grr


The Weirdos A946244




Zaphodista Army of Cybernautic Liberation A520769

Zerg Primary Hive Cluster U568896smiley - oksmiley - grr

To Be Added:

The Insomniacs Society smiley - zzz

1M/D/Y2If the society is on the 'To Be Added' list then it would be helpful if you could provide the A-number for me3More of a store than a society, Galactic Empire Run

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