Mount Olympus

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The Home of the H2G2 gods

Welcome to Mount Olympus! This is where the gods and godesses of H2G2 live (no, not just the Greek ones...any god is welcome here smiley - smiley ). The Pantheon is located in the Great Hall, where you can also become a god or goddess yourself! That is, of course, if you like the Food of the gods, smiley - strawberryJam smiley - winkeye


Visit the H2G2 god's shrines at The Great Temple!!

Palace of Olympus

In the heart of the Palace is the Magic Well, where you can watch the mortals. If you are in the mood for a little peace and tranquility, go to the Elysian Fields. However, if you would prefer a little mischief and turmoil, there is always Hades.

For some other adventures, you can go to the legendary Atlantis, former beach of the gods. You can also stop by the Valhalla Inn for a drink or even some smiley - strawberry Jam...

Mt. Olympus is a rather large place, so if you want to go "exploring" and discover more of its secrets, feel free!

Some other godly hangouts

Up for a challenge? Think you're god enough? Join in the Battle of the gods!!

For a little bit of advice from the god of truth himself, go visit Apollo's Oracle at Delphi.

Mount Helicon
aka The Musehome

is a Sister Community to Mount Olympus!! You should stop by and say hi to the Musemother smiley - winkeye

The H2G2 Earthly Kingdoms

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