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You enter the dazzling beauty of the Great Hall of Mount Olympus. There are gigantic pillars of carven stone holding aloft a roof of unimaginable height. The windows, made of some remarkable glass, let in a light more breathtaking than any mortal has ever known. There are fountains of crystal water on either side of the center isle, all playing together to create wonderful music. And in the center isle is a great Table, at which sits (most of) the gods and godesses of H2G2...

A green dragon

All gods and goddesses can get their badge here. And ladies, you are more than welcome to change it to "goddess" as I'm too lazy to create two smiley - biggrin

Come one, come all!! The gods and goddesses of H2G2 have their own shrines in The Great Temple!!


The First Ones

The All-Powerful H2G2 gods

The gods-In-Training

Request to join the Pantheon here.

Return to Mt. Olympus.

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