Cycle of the Phoenix

smiley - towelsmiley - spacesmiley - dontpanicsmiley - spacesmiley - sporksmiley - spacesmiley - fullmoonsmiley - spacesmiley - fairysmiley - spacesmiley - teasmiley - spacesmiley - zensmiley - space(2x3) x ((2 + (8/8)) x 3)=42smiley - spacesmiley - dogsmiley - spacesmiley - rosesmiley - spacesmiley - thepostsmiley - spacesmiley - magicsmiley - spacesmiley - pandasmiley - spacesmiley - peacedovesmiley - spacesmiley - biggrinGreetings, ! Welcome to the Phoenix's nest... I hope you brought your smiley - towel.

If you can see a greeting above, then my first attempt at GuideML has been successful!

(2 x 3) x ((2 + (8/8)) x 3) = 42

I can be found all over the internet, usually under the name Phoenix Ravenflame. My homepage is at . I live in Texas, USA with my husband, our dogs, cats, and a cockatiel. One of my greatest passions is animal rescue, and since Shelties are one of my favorite breeds of dog I especially try to support Sheltie rescues.

smiley - fairy

My Geek Code

GAT dpu>d- s+:+>s: a25>a42 C+++ P L W++>W+++$ N-- K- w+ M-- PS+++ PE++ Y- PGP- t++ 5 X+ R>R+ tv b++>b+++ DI+ D G e* h r+++ x+++++**

And, of course, my h2g2 code...

RA Y-- N++ SG+ A++ P L- s+ V>++ >E+ PR>++ p a- B++ TV r D T+>+++ !nh [email protected] m- t+

Phoenix's 42

Eventually, I want to have 42 different things I'm involved in at h2g2 under this heading. As of Soddit, July 7, 2003, here's the list...

I am a member of the
Classic Goo Fan Club

smiley - sporkThe Manifesto for the Campaign to rename Thursday, "Thing"smiley - spork
In fact, I joined this group on Thing, July 3, 2003!

smiley - smoochThe Anti-Crawlty to Smileys Campaign. (T.A.C.T.S.C)smiley - hug

h2g2 Goddess

smiley - grovelThe Sacred Silver Sheltie Temple

Keeper of the Sacred Silver Sheltie

From the famous Arecibo Observatory, which houses the world's largest single dish radio telescope, scientists are listening out for transmissions from space. Participate in this project for the search for extraterrestrial life with other h2g2 Researchers on The [email protected] Project. If you do take part, there is a small but captivating possibility that your computer will be the one to first detect a message transmitted from an alien civilization. Wow.

Phoenix's Phriendly Creatures

Even in cyberspace I have to be surrounded by animal friends.

smiley - fish
This is King Nimrod, my adopted fish.


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