So far off on a tangent, she doesn't even hit the circle...

smiley - orangefish

This is Chocolat, my Rainbow fish!

Get yourself a fish via the Fish Adoption Scheme!

What's the time, Mr. Wolf?

Hello there! Welcome to the slightly twisted brain-wrongs of a one-woman mind-mental*.

Recommended album of the moment...

OK - not an album per se, but the James Taylor Quartet, who I've seen live, and I have to say, are smiley - ing excellent - they give good live music, and James Taylor; the man with the Hammond Organ... so with an Austin Powers-style voice - Yeah Baby! Shagadelic!smiley -

...and track...

Well, not a track as such... I'm not Dave Gorman - but these guys aresmiley - Confused? Well, click here for an explanation of sorts...

... oh - and do you like to dance? Cosmic!

smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley -

Minor details about my past and present

For the past three years I have had the pleasure of living in one of the most expensive capital cities on Earth, that being London. Being a student, and hence suffering from terminal debt, it makes life that much more interesting.

I'm not just any student though, I am the most hated of all the types of students-the medical kind.smiley - doctor

I just hope you can see through this short white coated exterior and don't hold that against me.

Why the tangent?

Well, that is just a habit of mine to enter a conversation and rapidly move off-topic for some strange yet well-founded (at the time, and of course, for reasons that I don't even know myself) reason. Just to give you a taster, for instance, the topic may be on, say, cartoons*, and somehow I'll say something about how orange is a nice warm colour, and also a fruit high in vitamin C.

How come a circle is involved? Well, it was a remark made by someone who knew a lot more maths than me. Which admittedly isn't hard. The reasoning is this - if the conversation is a circle, and going off at a tangent is going off-topic, then I'm in my own private party some way off the paper.

42: Myth of

Well, I just had to, y'know? After much mathematical wrangling, I still couldn't work it thanks to Rupert the Observer and Argon0 for doing the hard work for me! Much appreciated smiley -




On the subject of 42, here's something I thought up whilst walking to the bus-stop one day.

Various Titles Which are Far Too Long To Put After My Name...

...which can be seen heresmiley -

smiley - Quotes that Should Help People Though the Journey of Life...or not as the case may be...smiley -

All will be revealed in one swift click!

Entries Wot I Wrote

...can be seen here, neatly divided into an easy to swallow format smiley -

You can also contact me at the predictably named e-mither address:

[email protected]

Or even AIM if you want to, at Tangental WD (as Witty Ditty, and even WittyDitty have been taken by others. Charlatans smiley - )

...and even Yahoo Messenger me at wd42uk if you feel so inclined...

So... er... hello! Sorry about the poor beginning, but, ho-hum...

Welcome to the space I call 'my' smiley - Come in and pull up a funny shaped chair...
I've been writing for h2g2 for quite some time, and I'm a relative newbie to collective, so hopefully, I'll find time to branch out a little*.

And now, a bit about myself - I'm a student (sorry), reading medicine (my utmost apologies) in London (absolutely no regrets - absolutely no money too, but that's a different issue...). I play the cello (Bach is a god), and I'm into more experiemental dance and what the media would term 'chillout' music.

Comedy is 'a good thing' (Dave Gorman and Eddie Izzard are two favourites), as is pubbing, bar-ing and clubbing too. Paintballing is something I'm being more and more involved in - great fun, and it just demonstrates that I'm not really going to last much more than 15 seconds should it all go off...

Anyhow, that's enough about me... why not drop me a posting, or make a comment? Go on - you know you want to...


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