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I'm the Bombshell Goddess on Mt. Olympus, The Borg Queen, and Keeper of Jones Soda, Crayola Crayons, Sony Walkmen, tall Aleut men with "Poor Impulse Control" tattooed on their forehead and Gollum! (I just wish I could fit that all in my nick name! smiley - sadface) Check out the keepers of other cool stuff at the keeper page, maybe you'll find someone to take something off your hands? (Got (an) ex-girlfriend(s)? See Apollo the keeper of ex-girlfriends, you can check out his track record here).

Many thanks to U172204 for being so wonderfully helpful as to crunch my user #, and produce results that equal 42! As can be noticed in my name now, she came up with [1*7(0!+2)(0!+1)=42]. smiley - smiley Also thanks to U169011 for linking to me, and giving a plug for my poetry! Check out his poem too, and bug him for me... He has a bit of an Ego problem, we need to take care of that, don't we? smiley - winkeye

Here are a couple of the (unedited) entries I've written:

About me...

Version: 1.1
RA Y++ N++ SG+ A- P:- L+ M-- s V- E- PR-- p- a-- B++ TV+ r+ D T? nh? C m- t+
-----END H2G2 CODE BLOCK-----

Name: Amy. I often answer to Saturn Girl, Death Kitten, Diziara, Saturn, Sat, SG, DK, Queen of Everything, Miss Paradox, Q or even just "Hey you". Death Kitten is my most used alias, but I've stuck with Saturn Girl here on H2G2 because I wasn't all that active here when I originally started using Death Kitten, and I didn't want to confuse people.

Birthday: August 20th, 1983

Location: Fremont, California, USA.

Employment: I work in a print shop, running the digital printers and helping out with whatever else needs doing. I've been enjoying this change from retail hezmana, and have been learning a lot about the print business. I think it's fun, and I enjoy the insanity of my coworkers. They all think I'm barking mad to enjoy my job so much.

Hobbies: Writing poetry and fiction, reading, drawing, acting, listening to music, throwing pottery, building web pages, ranting about things and trying to change the world for the better one tiny bit at a time.

Music: The bulk of my music tastes center around classic rock, but I've been widening my reach as of late and found bits and pieces from a lot of other genres to listen to. Pandora's been fabulous for discovering new things to enjoy. Checking out my last.fm profile: diziara, or look for me on Pandora by my email address: death kitten (at) gmail (dot) com. Current music obsession is Abney Park, and other strong favorites include (but are not limited to) Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Babyland, Loreena McKennitt, Blue Öyster Cult, and Unwoman.

Books: As long as I've been able to pick up a book and understand what was written within, I have been a reader. I'm such a dork about it, that I have a hard time not reading any text you put in front of me... even things as silly as cereal boxes. I'm currently in need of more sections for my book shelf, because what I have currently is absolutely full. I don't typically use the library, simply because I hate having to give books back when I'm done with them. You never know when you'll want to look something up from the book later, right? Beyond the obvious of Douglas Adams, some of my favorite authors include Neal Stephenson, Poe, Kafka, Ray Bradbury, Gregory Maguire, Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, fairy tails credited to the Grimm Brothers, Shakespeare, George Orwell, Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Christopher Moore.

OS & Computer: I'm currently running Kubuntu 12.04 and have been using some form of Linux as my primary OS since May 3rd, 2004. I currently have a way out of date desktop with dual flat panel monitors hooked up to it, and a laptop with a dying battery. The recent acquisition of a good car and the resulting car payments have left me with little extra funds, but I do hope to upgrade one or both soon. For now, the Linux use keeps both computers running okay enough.

Contact Me!

There are many ways to get in touch with me. The most obvious option is leave me a message here on my message center, but I'm also an instant messanger junkie. Using Pidgin I'm usually connected to AIM (Kourier YT), Yahoo messanger (diziara), MSN ([email protected]), and Google Talk ([email protected]). I have a LiveJournal (diziara), a Twitter (diziara) and a Diaspora ([email protected]). If you choose to make contact outside of h2g2, please tell me you found me via h2g2, 'cause I've taken to ignoring/blocking people I don't recognize due to spammers. Also I have my domain Death Kitten.net.


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