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Cripes, ten years? I have entries on here almost 20 years old. How strange it is to find this corner of the internet so well preserved. How unusual it is to see my online life from so long ago. One can only wonder if this is what the future will always be: a log of what we did once, a long time ago.

Here lies the space of a researcher. My first steps onto the internet, ten years hence, lie here. Thank you, H2G2, for being there and here still.

Current legal counsel of STUMPED.

Redfox currently has in his employ a large group of burly, surly men who drive large equipment around for the purposes of enforcing his bureaucratic whims. They answer only to "hey you!" and the power of the properly filed dually notarized form. Nothing but authorization can stop them.

A description of my office at

From the entrance through mirror black doors, the reception and waiting room is a 40' wide and 25' deep rectangle.

There are floor to ceiling windows to the left displaying a view of rolling pine forest into the far distance. Modern black leather chairs are placed on one side of a coffee table covered in various Evil magazines (Getaway Car and Driver, Death Ray Digest, Fixing Games Illustrated, and Wired to Explode, to name a few), giving a view to the outside. The carpet is thick, luxurious slate grey, and the walls are black granite about 5' up from the floor, and white marble above this.

Immediately in front of the entrance is blocky and modern looking deep red stained cherry wood desk with brushed stainless accents. A gorgeous female secretary sits behind the desk, with a holographic computer in front of her and a wireless headset in one ear.

Off to the right is an extremely modern brushed stainless steel and black granite kitchenette with cabinetry done in the same cherry wood as the desk. The floor here is tile instead of the sumptuous carpet. There is a commercial refrigerator, coffee, and espresso machine to the left, and various baskets of goodies surround these and the stainless sink. To the right side appears to be a self-service wet bar.

The ceiling, about 20' above, has a black gap running around the edge, but otherwise looks to be a single gridded block. Recessed lights are scattered about.

Behind the desk is a massive pair of doors that seem to be of the same solid cherry wood as the rest of the office. rather than veneers. The doors run up to the ceiling, and have blocky, modern brushed stainless handles. Through the doors is Redfox's office.

The room, about 30' square, is paneled with the same dark cherry wood to about eye level, and then black granite above this. The floors share the carpeting with the exterior. Immediately in front of the doors is a desk very similar to the one outside, but bigger, and more cluttered. There is a holocomputer on the desk and many case files. Behind the desk are more floor to ceiling windows, showing a view of a city.

To the right, much of the wall is built in bookcases, full of law books. In the center of the wall two glass showcases are embedded. The one on the left contains a dark grey hooded robe with leather shoulder straps crossed over the chest, and a MASSIVE matched sword and halberd set. The weapons are verticle on either side of the robe stand. Blue energies with mist falling off them flow on one of the blades, and orange energies which gently burn flow on the other. The halberd swirls with electrical discharges grounding themselves on the mottled greenish brown energy which mixes with it. The showcase to the right contains a beaten black leather motorcycle jacket open over a tie-dye t-shirt with a black jolly roger on it, over a pair of ratty carpenter jeans and black chuck taylor all-stars. Below the jacket and surrounding the pants is a net full of of random weapons and what appears to be smoke bombs. Occasionally a disproportionately sized item, such as a katana, will fall out of the jacket and into the net.

On the left wall is another private kitchenette done in a similar fashion the to the one outside, but lacking any coffee related items. There is door that (presumably) leads to a private bathroom towards the left of the wall. A weapons rack is in between the door and the kitchenette. The rack contains 2 FAMAS assault rifles, a scoped Intervention sniper rifle, and an English bastard sword and short sword set. Slightly to one side is an arming dummy with an outfit similar to the one Neo wore in the first (only) matrix movie. Presumably it is armored.

On the same wall as the entrance and to the left of that door is a projector screen and a low, modern couch in black leather. Various control devices for games and other wise are on a cherry wood side table.


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