The way I present my personal space will probably tell you a lot more about who I am, rather than what I am saying. [Perhaps I could sell that as a dissertation psychology title on Ebay?] Which is probably why I am getting knowing nods as people read through this space!

As you enter this space of personal-ness, you notice about half a dozen shoe-boxes 1. They look rather tatty: a bit dog-eared around the edges, some have some unknown water damage, and damp and several have lost their original lids. They are however, clearly cherished, as the owner has taken time to sellotape up holes, and even cut out pictures out of magazines and newpapers and glue them onto the boxes. They are shoe-boxes nonetheless.

Shoe-boxes are rarely empty: they are used to keep all those annoying 2 little things that you don't quite know where else to put them. Who am I to buck such a venerable trend?

| Shoe-box 1 | Shoe-box 2 | Shoe-box 3 | Shoe-box 4 |

Shoe-box 1

The first3 you come to, and it is a purely random order, has a large picture of the world affixed to it, and looks as though it has been around a bit. Inside, you see see a bright purple prospectus for Leeds University. That is, you see [if you hadn't already guessed] because this researcher is, by now doing the Fresher thing, specifically in Human Geography. This reflects my interest in social and political issues, and I read lots of related [i.e. boring] magazines, many of which you can see in this box.

Shoe-box 2

From the outside of this box, it is obvious that this is the most recent of the shoe-boxes. It still retains it's original shine, and if you smell carefully, you can still detect that unmistakeable aroma of shoe-shops. If you look on the side, you can also see an American shoe-size rather than a British one. Inside are lots of different photos of smiling children. This is because last summer, I went to work at a summer camp for children with ADHD in Pennsylvania. It was called Summit Camp and was quite excellent, I did lots of silly things that were great fun, and I hope to go back next year.

1I realise that this is the modern world, that we have better things to do than talk to people and spend time languishing on a website... No?2But not something you'd want to get rid of either.3If you chose to read them in order naturally


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