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What is the UnderGuide?

As is the norm with these things, it is often easier to say what the UnderGuide is not rather than what it is. However, for this entry to have any purpose, it is necessary to try. The UnderGuide is the creative counterpart to the Edited Guide1: it is a selection of entries that have been recognised as of a comparable quality to the Edited Guide, yet cannot be given said title because they fall outside of the Guidelines. The UnderGuide was created to fill the void: to give those entries recognition of quality in their own right.

How did this come about?

Researcher's on h2g2 have long been frustrated with an imbalance within h2g2. The importance being placed on non-fictional pieces was, according to some, missing a prime opportunity for the Edited Guide to have a quirky younger sibling. This culmunated [much later] in a meeting of similar minds came together and whacked out various UnderGuide possibilities.

But, what is happening now?

The UnderGuide is formulating at an increasing pace. Miner's are being lined up for action, and are being sent down the Mine Shaft. Picks are being sharpened, and dents being battered out of shovels. The first entries are currently being lined up for approval by staff and volunteers.

So, what can I do to contribute to the UnderGuide?

Being a researcher gives you two choices. You can either contribute to the UnderGuide. You can do this by writing your entry and then submitting it to review, and choosing The UnderGuide Forum.

If you don't feel writing is your forte, then you could perhaps volunteer to be an UnderGuide Miner. UnderGuide Miners are there to 'dig out' new and interesting gems that are currently going unrecognised. It is also possible to go onto 'polish' these gems, and to take them to their new home in the UnderGuide.

How should it finish?

1Though this is not to say that the Edited Guide is not creative!

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