The FwT Manor, now in retirement.

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The FwT Drive...

The friendlywithteeth Manor is at the top of a sloping green lawn, with a small croquet lawn (since that's all the British do(!)) and shrubs intruding on the wide drive. A stream flows idly by, as do the tadpoles and leeches. Weeping Willows wave and dip into the stream, leaving leaves to clog it up.

A rock protudes artfully here and there, an ideal promontory to sit and ponder...A bridge over a river

As you walk up The Manor looms before you, a limestone building, with numerous wings outbuildings and extensions added at various times. Your feet crunch on the gravel as you walk up the steps, between the huge columns, you wipe your feet. As you look to the front door, you notice a letterbox from which you can see your messages: You can click here to see your Conversations As you go to open the dark wood door, with a gilt door handle, it swings open...

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