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What if...

What if the IMF was a supermarket chain, and you were it's checkout operator? What would this supermarket be like? What customers would come to this store?


Firstly, you may only accept an elite few customers: those who are dirty, smelly or shoddily dressed should be shown where to improve their appearence: naturally with an IMF-branded Appearence Improvement Package. These packages strictly adhere to Western Ideals: a complete homogenised package to beat out any possible deviation from the norm. Cultural identity should be erased: lest it offend any of your other customers. The Package, or AIP is available to all enlightened customers who want to improve themselves, but only on our special price plan.

What we sell

The IMF Supermarket deals exclusively with lifestyle-changing products that will literally change your world! We sell various packages: the constituent parts are very interchangeable: we will choose only the best for you!


Payment is an unfortunate topic to discuss, but a necessary one, nonetheless. We will take all details of the bill and deal with it for you: for only a moderate fee! As you approach the checkout, your products are unloaded for you and are marked up by the cashier.

Due to our limited resources, you will be obliged to pack your own products in bags: we do feel that our level of care up to this point makes up for this one small deficit.

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