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Don't follow instructions. Suspect instructions. They are something to be wary of. They will write instructions when they want you to do something. They want you to do what they want you to do. Instructions are broken down in small steps. When you make small steps, you become a smaller person. When you become smaller, you need instructions to tell you where to go and what to do. Those who give instructions are not doing anything. They are instructing you so you can do something for them. Suspect instructions. They are something to be wary of. Instructions are very detailed and leave nothing to chance. Serendipity is the enemy of the narrow and the organized. Random behaviour leads to irregularities. Breakdowns in the system lead to chaos and confusion. If everyone is confused, they will have to write many, many more instructions. Suspect instructions. Instructions are something to be wary of. If you follow instructions, you cannot do the things you want to do. You do other things, the things other people tell you to do. When you only listen to others, you cannot speak. Your ideas are trapped behind the door you helped close. You become the instructions. They will not have to write any more instructions for you, because you will have reached the end of their instructions. Don't follow instructions. Suspect instructions.

A Brief Introduction Of Shagrath

Shagrath [shäg'räth] (prp. n.) - U595733, Supreme Executive Executioner, God of Obsolete Technology, founder of MAS, Lord of Black Metal. (Also, Dolgusînzîr or Ghazhûr.)

This picture is so nonsensical that I had to put it here.

Hello , and welcome to my chamber. I felt like rewriting this paragraph, even though no one will notice that anything's different. Well, basically, about me...I live in northeast Ohio where I spend time on H2G2 instead of paying attention in my AP Comp Sci class. There's nothing too exciting about me really. Look around my space...there's some interesting stuff on it...

Okay, so this wasn't an introduction of the true Shagrath, who probably lives somewhere in Norway. I'm stealing his name because I can. Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!

If anyone is interested, my cheesy weblog thing can be found here.

Latest News

Exams are over!

A442883, A3347011, and A3373201 are all frickin' edited!!!

---Other stuff---

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Guidelines: Things Not To Do Around Shagrath

There are several things to remember when posting on threads when Shagrath is around. It would be appreciated if the following guidelines were respected:

  1. Under no circumstances is it appreciated to use any nicknames of "Shagrath" were used with the exception of "SR" if you are extremely lazy. Especially not ones that involve the word "shag" or any references to Scooby-Doo. Additionally, remember that Shagrath's real name is, in fact, not Shagrath. His real name is Andrew. Although in order to not confuse anyone, Shagrath is preferred.
  2. Unless you are of the female portion of the population it is also appreciated not to use the following smileys towards Shagrath himself, because he is not gay:smiley - brokenheartsmiley - lovesmiley - loveblushsmiley - cuddlesmiley - kisssmiley - smoochsmiley - tickle1
  3. Be nice! If you wish to have Shagrath as a friend it is always good to never say he's wrong.2 It is always best to admit defeat no matter how much more you think you know about the subject in hand!

In the event that these guidelines are breached, the following events will take place for each offense per user:

  1. Level 1 warning: smiley - cross
  2. Level 2 warning: smiley - steam
  3. Level 3 warning: smiley - grr
  4. Shagrath will flip out and go on a killing rampage until he finds the offender.
  5. Something even worse will happen. Something that's so bad, I don't even know what it is.

At any rate, lil old me sums it up best: "Don't upset Shagrath... no, no."

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My first (I think) extremely irrelevant and idiotic posting. Here for your viewing enjoyment.

1smiley - hug has recently been removed from this list, but only so long as it's a...manly hug.2Primarily because he isn't. Ever.3Or not. The choice, after all, is yours.4According to their page, you're in as long as you sign up even if no one responds. I'm not in the official list, though.5God of obsolete technology--bow before me and don't forget to sacrifice your LPs.6Founder!


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