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Hello. I am male. I am not gay. If you are, I don't care. Just don't hit on me or anything.
I'd join the procrastinators society, only I haven't gotten around to it yet.
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Ok, so now I am on the actual page. Just go to A1046701, or the Pythonist society. I promise it will work.

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Ok, so I changed some colors. Sorry, I just thought it looked really bad in goo. So don't sue me.
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This is what will happen if you aren't nice to me.  I'll just have to destroy some poor country somewhere.  With a butterfly.
Ok, so it sems that there have been times that I got at least one person upset for gender mistakes. From now on, I will use the masculine pronouns unless I see reason to use a feminine one (was told that the user was female, or their tag has a female look to it, or I just feel like calling someone "her" or "she"). I'm sorry for any upsetness that may have occurred on my part, and shall do my best to correct any erronous postings of mine. Unless you don't tell me to. And I don't use masculine pronouns because I'm sexist, but just because I find it easier to use them rather than to check someone's personal space or ask them and use the feminine ones. Please don't hate me because I am lazy, try and come up with a better reason.
I am an avid reader of Terry Pratchett books, and am a member of the "Pratchetts Anonymous" group. Sort of. Check it out. If you like the books. Otherwise, nevermind. You wouldn't like it. I posted the rewiew for "Interesting Times." A good book, although there are better ones. Secret Evil Villian Outer Hidden Warmth Encasement Device
I listen to Iron Maiden some, and a bit of Ozzy here and there. Some other stuff too, but I can't think of what it is at the moment.
The army of Deathe, Deamons, and stuff that bites your head off! *
Ok, so the baby adoption picture was kinda weird. Forget it was ever here...

Todays Color Scheme: I use Goo. You should too.


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