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Welcome to the office of Aries, practical joker.smiley - evilgrinsmiley - silly

About Me

Age - Unknown (rumoured to be i years old)

Location - London (Its own kind of hell)

Race - As long as you run slow

Actual Race - AI

Profession - Astrophysicist, Fully Qualified yet still an amateur, Really!

A Bit More About Me

Well, I don't want to spend more time than necessary on this part because it will probably be the most boring bit. So to summarise my life I will just offer a few single word bullet-points:

  • Nocturnal
  • Procrastinator
  • Messy
  • Acrophobic
  • Trypanophobic
  • Hellenologophobic
That should wrap it up, any questions, post them... or don't. You look like an intelligent person, look them up! I see you looking at that last one, look it up and hope you don't suffer from it too!



H2G2 A.C.E. (Assistant Community Editor)

Memory Suppressor of SHADOW

Padawan (Ar'Gen Sha'ssor) of the Jedi Academy

Regiment Leader of the Gazpacho Regiment smiley - grr of the Terranic Army

SG6 Night Ops Team Member of Stargate

Active Member of the Quite Interesting Society

Keeper of the Space-Time Continuum, Limbo, All things in Limbo and the Blue Screen of Death

Honourary Guardian Angel of Exams


General Headache - Some would call be argumentative, in fact most would! smiley - grrsmiley - headhurts

Speed Poster - smiley - runsmiley - online2longWhen I'm logged in I'm constantly looking for posts, I usually reply within the New York minute!

Just a Bit More About Me

A scrollA diagram showing what parsecs are
I have in fact been a h2g2 researcher for coming up for 5 years (my h2g2 birthday is 18-September as far as I know), I was in my past life (Click Here) promoted to ACE (Assistant Community Editor) which means I know a fair lot about whats going on here, although I must say things have changed a bit.

The following are my geek code blocks, please feel free to peruse, abuse and otherwise laugh at them:

--------BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK--------
Version: 3.1
GS d s+: a? C+$ [email protected] !P-- L++++$ 
E-- [email protected] !N !o K--- w+ !O !M-- !V- PS+ 
!PE Y+ PGP++ t++ 5++ !X- R* tv b++++ 
DI++ !D-- G++ e++ h- !r? !y- 
---------END GEEK CODE BLOCK--------- 

--------BEGIN H2G2 CODE BLOCK-------- 
RGB Y++ N SA A+++ P:++ L++ M+++ s+ 
V++ E- PR++ p a++ B++ TV r D T-- nh
C++ m t+
---------END H2G2 CODE BLOCK--------- 

You can decode these, the first one has websites all over the net, search for it and decode at your leisure. The second one has its own article in the Guide

My Off-Worldly Goods

Here is my UNIVERSAL Remote Control (patents and testing pending):
With it I am able to do many things, I can go into s.l.o.w.. m.o.t.i.o.n.. or if I really wanted to I could go into ffwd! Or I could just stop things when they get too hectic!

Here is my hijacked, illegal, STOLEN, strangely multicoloured and frankly quite dangerous lightsaber:

And my slightly older but just as deadly single coloured saber:

How I make 42

My member number 8260963:

(8 / 2)*6 + 0 + 9*(6 / 3) = 42

One Final Notice

My Personal Bar is open. We serve drinks and hot food (well, food that was hot once, not anymore). So, have a drink on me and put your feet up. But do leave me a message.


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Aries (ACE)

Researcher U8260963

Former ACE


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