The Jedi Academy

May the Force be with you...

Greetings friend. Welcome to the Jedi academy, built upon these foundations in the restored temple at Yavin IV1...

The Jedi Order

Meet our current Jedi:
The Jedi Council2:
-Jedi Master Mirig Gr'jar - one with the Force
-Jedi Master Kasso Hoedi
-Jedi Master Powol Wimul
-Jedi Master Tarne Womarg
-Jedi Master Jawi Mukir
-Jedi Master Gr-sim Den'new
-Jedi Master Sihea Piche
-Jedi Master Rahig Wewel

-Annat Tayswi
-Ancha Theri

-Paber Du'Mou
-Eland Losid
-Jotra Gibur
-Falice Enlen
-Chnei Thmel
-Mihar Babir

-Tobru Deran
-Sakri Go'mem
-Jo'ell Pherea
-Craxus Nec'roy
-Be'tra Gi'bla
-Jacru Werbi
-Ramoo Shwoo
-Lorelei Ga'fen

-Hasmi Poric
-Sc'Har Pe-wal
-Atcab Sethur
-Ga'Wil Hubir
-Eoger Madep
-Pe'McK McB'uc
-Pabwan Griffin
-Acrit Kr'win
-Ba'mic Be'abe - one with the Force
-Lorey Lied'm
-Pamar DoDur
-Al'rey Se-Dag
-Pamun Mu'Dur
-Shalla E'autu
-Daber We'bir
-Da'rey Re'fi
-Naped Ha'Pre

And the rest...

-Cobal Th'chi

-Darth Eversor(/Darth Niax)
-Darth Skullock

Become a Padawan...

Want to become a padawan at our academy?3

Then get your Jedi name: Forename: Take the first 2 letters of your first name and add them to the first 3 letters of your last name...
Surname: Take the first 2 letters of your mother's maiden name and add them to the first three of your birth city/town/village/hamlet...

To join you I want...

To face the council with your application, simply will it to us with a mystic connection: Click on the 'Join you I will'

Hall Of Fame

I/ Jim'Sta: Honourary Jedi Master and Italic whose patience with the Academy's inner struggle knows bounds. Bounds we have yet to reach. May we all never find out!

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1Think of this as Episode VII2This isn't necessarily the in-game Council3This is supposed to be fun... not to be confused with the... *ahem*... actual 'religion'.


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The Jedi Council

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