The Island of the Lost (very discriminately not yellow) Yak

Welcome to My World

Well Hi there to anyone who may be interested. I am currently not really sure what i'm doing here... So please give me a chance. I have been floating around for a few months now, and have found some silly and interesting people and entries. Please take some time to randomly click on the links (there will be some !)

Where You May Find Me

[My (And A.R.M.Y's) Tea Room]|[The Evil Army]|[Winning Here]|[Playing Thunderbirds at Disco Stu's]

Some Interesting Guide Entries

Choose a Page 1. What Could Be Keeping You Awake? 2. For those who can drive a car... 3. Up in the Air 4. Down your Pants 5. Confused by Cricket? 6. A Bit about one of my addictions 7. Disco Stu's smiley - 8. How we Thhould Write in Englith

A Bit About Me

Not really a lot to say about me... But I'll give it a go;


The Year 1000 AD


Cricket (playing, not watching!)


A Vague Obsession With Yaks

They, who-ever "they" may be, have said that I am obsessed. But it is not an obsession, more a curiosity that I can't shake... It's an itch that will not go away...

Anway this is a Yak:A yak

More About Yaks
Even More About Yaks

A Mild Dislike of the Colour Yellow

I'd like to mention that I once tried to wage war on the colour Yellow.

My war failed, as it was decided that yellow is essential in the making of Green and Orange. I can not fault these superior colours, which is a bit odd as they are composites of other colours with yellow.

Currently Reading

A short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson

The Templars, Piers Paul Read

Anything Else?

I am proud to be a FREAK

And also 'Grand High Eater of Lots of Watermelon' of the Evil Army of H2G2
For Destiny Dictates
Minion of Destiny in
The Evil Army of H2G2
So We Follow


Well, It's by no means complete, but I've covered something about me...

Stop by for smiley - and smiley - any time



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