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Do people avoid you when you walk down the street? Can you hear those muffled sighs of disapproval? Do your family and friends secretly want to disown you because of your...strangeness? You've come to the right place!

The FREAK association offers a chance to mingle and chat with other outcasts of society in a freak-friendly environment, away from the judgement of the 'ordinary'.

What are FREAKs?

FREAKs are Friendly Rebellious Enigmas Against Konformity. As a group, we strive to remain as unique as possible. Generally strange and unusual, often apart from society's standards of 'normality', we aim to prove that we freaks are real people too. This is a place for the misunderstood to meet and retreat from the standards of conformity set by the harsh "real" world.

the FREAKs

The members in their full glory...

Fallen Angel (general freak, new romantic/punk influences)
Angel of Unkonformity (doesn't Konform so much that all the tags ran away)
Hell's Darkest Angel(goth)
Lord of those who read far too much (grunger)
Angel of complete and utter blackness (Unknown)
Angel of the natty dreadlock (funky)
Angel of Feely Jumpers (semi hippie)
Angel of Charismatic Enigma, Luminescence and vicious jewellery (herself with a hint of goth)
Lord of Gayness (stuff the comfortable)
Angel of Being Uncool (freestyle)
Lord of the Spatulas (very scattered)
FREAK Cat-Eyes (undecided)
Lord of Huo Xin (random)
Lord of Randomness and the Blue Spotted Potato (insane intellectual)
Angel of Not Quite Death (hippie/weirdo/insane)
Angel of Having Fun Flying (freestyle)
Lord of Black Metal (goth)
Lord DoomSwell (goth)
Achangel of Dead Humatons, Escape From The True Matrix, and Fall From Disgrace (Dark Instigator Of Revolutions To Return Humanity To Its True State)
Angel of Redheads quickly going grey (frumpy, cuddly and loving mummy, scruffy, hippy)
Lord of Windswept Cliffs (80s Dark Wave Goth)
I'm lord of all darkness, I'm queen of the night, I've got the power, now do the march of the Black Queen (freestyle)
Patron Saint of Turning On, Tuning In, and Dropping Out (typewriter-bashing, guitar-mauling, rocknroller)
Lorshipessnessity of Hyperactivity (geek)
Lord of all Things Useless (changeable)
Lord of the Unknown Philosophy of Nothingness and Small Fury Creatures From Beetlejuice (freestyle)
Lord of The Trebbuchet (more than slightly odd)
Lord of Techno, Rave, Internet Radio, MMORGPs, Video Games, Old Skool Hard Rock, L33T, Hardware, and HTML (Geeky, with a flare of puck rocker, with a flare of crazy schizo, and a flare of racer)
Anti-Lord of F**k ups (electric guitar slamming silent goth)
Lord of Talentless Metal Singers (semi-low goth, with a touch of dork)

A shrine to all lost FREAKs

Around and about our base...

Conversations and things to do...

Drop by and get a serving of your favourite tipple at the bar.

If the weather is nice, sit out in our sunny and seemingly endless gardens.

If you feel like doing nothing, check out our mellow room.

Why not join in with one of our sillier games, where you can just make it up as you go along...

Or try a more familiar game...

If you're feeling brave, you may even want to try starting a discussion!

Types of freak on h2g2...

What h2g2 sapiens have to say about freaks...



Freakish magazines and pages webwide...

Morbid Outlook- The fashion and lifestyle mag for the gothic vegetarian

Disinformation- an alternative news site

Famous freaks

Leigh Bowery(New Romantic, perfomance artist)

Phillip Sallon (punk/new romantic, entrepreneur)

Boy George (new romantic, musician)

Vivian Westwood (punk, designer)

Sid Vicious(punk, musician)

David Bowie (glam/new romantic, musician)

Sign Up...

Here at the FREAK society we appreciate new members an ideas for expansion and growth by both members and non-members alike

Make me a FREAK!
My U-number is...
I want to be Angel/Lord of...
My style is...
I most admire...

We generally recommend our members subscribe to the page, so that they can join in with all the latest community stuff!

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