smiley - somersaultHello and welcome one and all. Good to see you here. Pull up a seat, make yourself comfortable. So nice of you to drop in for a little visit with me. Have a bit of smiley - cheesecake or perhaps some other form of refreshment? Help yourself. Please do pop down and leave me a message in my guestbook. I would love to hear from you!!!smiley - somersault

“Whether we are 16 or 60, it’s a strange irony that the more natural we are, the more attractive we are to others. Sadly, we are very often led to believe the exact opposite.” -Jim Unger

A magnolia in a strip of film


My name is Arisztid Lugosi and I live in Canada. I have finished my first two years of post secondary education at College (major in Psychology) and am currently going to University. I’ve just finished my fourth year. I'm finally not majoring in Psychology!!! I am now following my interests. I have completed all the required courses for my BA majoring in English. Next year I will be finishing up the last courses required for my Honours degree in Medieval Studies at the same university. I am so excited. WOO MANUSCRIPTS!

I suppose my main interest is reading. I can't get enough of it. I'm mostly a fiction person, but I do like the odd factual sort of book. Most of all I love mystery and science fiction, but I do like just about everything... except romance novels. Love of reading is good when you're a recluse like me. Plus I guess a love a reading is pretty key for being an English major.

I am also a major Trekkie. I used to not tell people so they wouldn't tease me but I've given that up. No one likes to be teased. Besides less people seem to tease you if you confidently state it. I have to admit though I really only like The Original Series and The Next Generation.

I used to be a complete Goth, but I think now I'm more of a Romantic. Still fairly gothy though.

A little about me, here on H2G2

I am the proud owner of a lovely dragon, her name is Ingebjorg. And she was a birthday present from Ivan. She's fully-vaccinated and housetrained.

Also I have been awarded an ISJ(I Surived Jellyfish) medal, which I wear proudly on my lapel. It was awarded to me by Vestie when I quite bravely prodded a jellyfish!

When I took the Sirius Cybernetics Corperation 'Genuine People Personalitator' test. It turns out that I would be a shipboard computer! To take this test yourself simply go here, and follow the link... http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/hitchhikers/quiz/

I am also Captain Halla Thickhand of the viking ship Lifthrasir. Please come and join us! ...However, please note, no beserkers allowed.

You can also come visit me in my room at The Hotel (HHH) you'll find me at A2595215 I'm in The Tower Room, although not permenantly, I'm only renting... but I'd love to have visitors!

Vogon Poetry

Heres a vogon poem that was given to me by Jerms

>"See, see the female sky
>Marvel at its big paisley depths.
>Tell me, Arisztid do you
>Wonder why the warthog ignores you?
>Why its foobly stare
>makes you feel gunge-like.
>I can tell you, it is
>Worried by your smegtastic facial growth
>That looks like
>A hoisin sauce.
>What's more, it knows
>Your blortching potting shed
>Smells of snail's ears.
>Everything under the big female sky
>Asks why, why do you even bother?
>You only charm squashed ants."

To get your very own aweful Vogon Poem just click on the link.

Cheesecake Museum

Prominently on display is a slice of British Airways smiley - cheesecake as served at two in the morning on Transatlantic flights. The base is a bit soggy. The plaque beside the smiley - cheesecake reads: "This smiley - cheesecake was a gift from Trin Tragula to Arisz."

There is also annother slice of smiley - cheesecake from Trin Tragula which comes from a Virgin Atlantic flight and contians a rasberry jam (or jelly) which runs through it, and it also has something that is supposed to be chocolatey on top.

More recently aquired is a small slice of an unknown kind of cheesecake that tastes rather bitter and has no identifyable flavour. All that is known about this smiley - cheesecake is that it was served with other deserts under the title "Chocolate Sampler Trio" thus we may assume that it was supposed to be a chocolate smiley - cheesecake, even if it tastes nothing like it.

Sign my Guest Book.

If you would like you can now sign my guest book. Hello? You still there? Ok, well if you are then now is a good time to sign my guest book... Say something, anything. Well not actually anything, preferably something nice...


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