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The UnderGuide


Some time back I stumbled into the The UnderGuide and I've been there ever since. The UnderGuide takes the very best alternative writing to be found on h2g2 and puts it on the Front Page. This looks easy only because a dedicated team of Miners and Gem-Polishers makes it look easy. Miners2 also tend to the Alternative Writing Workshop, reviewing, enthusing and (occasionally) Minesweeping, but it's open to all: go and take a look at the AWW and sample some of the best writing around. For the best of the best, check out the UnderGuide Archives. If you're already familiar with all that, like what you see of the alternative side of hootoo and you fancy helping out, enquire below, or over at this page. If you've spotted, or even written, something a bit special, the UnderGuide, the CAC, or The Post all want to hear about it.


All indications to the contrary (look right) I am not a Sub-editor any more. Nevertheless, I'm still going to leave the links here. So ... let's have you Sub-editors' Home Page3 and you Writing Guidelines and you Style and, finally, you Guide ML. As for other bits and bobs, Guide ML Clinic is where you can learn to write GuideML and Special Symbols in GuideML is where you can learn how to type café, or Zürich. The What's Coming Up Page... er... well, you can probably work that out yourself.


I'm not a Scout any more either. Which means I can't see the Scout Recommendations (but I'm going to leave the link for passing Scouts to use - I always thought it far from easy to find). Peer Review is where new guide entries go for comment, while Peer Review - Conversations is where comment goes for new guide entries. Update Forum is where old guide entries go for a bit of a brush-up, Flea Market is where abandoned guide entries seek a new home and Challenge h2g2 is where interesting gaps are pointed out and the brave then rush to fill them. The EG Writing Workshop: if it's not quite ready for Peer Review and you're looking for a bit of help. The Collaborative Writing Workshop closed some time ago... but it is still 'there'. Editorial Feedback: if you spot a booboo.

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The h2g2 Census, 2006

Ah, yes. I started making a census in Spring 2006. The blurb read: "Come and help out: check to make sure that you're on it, check to make sure that your friends are on it. Do it now, before it's too 2007!" Now that it is 2007, I'm a bit stuck: it's basically an enormous list which is going to get less and less accurate as time goes by (and it wasn't terribly accurate to begin with). If you've got a good idea for something to do with it, feel free.

Other Things

Special Symbols in Conversation Threads Which should work  • Spicing Up Your User Page • Smileys All those little smileys, like this one smiley - hehehe, that's my favourite  • h2g2 Named Entries The pages with names rather than numbers  • PR Discussion Forum For discussing PR problems somewhere other than PR itself  • Development Features The h2g2 features ideas list  • Ask h2g2 Go. Ask something. Alternatively answer something  • Miscellaneous Chat Hmmm. Sounds inviting, doesn't it? smiley -  • Games Room And if you're wondering where all the game threads went...  • Anagramitis Go on, guess! Seriously, if you like anagrams, get yourself over there  • Forum Intelligent debate. Well, most of it. All right, some of it  • The Hootoo Atelier Been too nervous to say anything here so far  • The Masters of the Multi-Verse Be warned: highly conquest-driven  • The Drakker Lifthrasir Come join Captain Halla Thickhand on the Viking ship Lifthrasir (but only if you're not a berserker ... and bring your own pillows) • P.U.D.D.I.N.G. People United in Defence of Depression, Irritability and Natural Grumpiness  • The Thingites where I am the Curator of the Index (which is a lot more complicated than it sounds, oh yes, as will be seen just as soon as I find anything to proscribe) • The Court of King 2legs Where King 2legs is, er, king.

My 42ism is 2+4(=6)x4(=24)/4(=6)+8(=14)x3 = 42

In the last Phantasy Phootball season, I managed Toilet Rabbit Albion. It didn't go well. The season before that, I steered Forbes Philipson's Masters to mid-table respectability. Well, actually, Number Six did that and then I stopped them from crashing to the bottom. I still haven't got round to asking him what the name means. If you want to find out about toilet rabbits, ask the other Phootie. Sorry, Footie. This season, I'm having another go with The Slinky Fins. If you want to know about the name, you'd better ask Footie about that too.

During the 2005 h2g2 Presidential Election, I was Reddyfreddy's running-mate and campaign manager. We fought a good, clean campaign from our HQ and stuck rigidly to the facts in our Party Election Broadcast. We came in sixth. I still can't believe it.

I work as the piano player in the bar of The Hitchhiker Hotel. Please drop in as I am happy to perform requests. Two years on and I still haven't got a room at the hotel, so I remain in my tent: please feel free to drop by. The polar bear formerly known as Hilary Speartooth Tuskbotherer III and now just known as Hilary, has his or her own tent next door, but don't be alarmed, as he or she is merely acting as a walrus deterrent

I am also Rabbit King of the Grunty Pigs. Jangley said so.

Gerald, with some of his 'friends'. You'll note that Gerald - in the middle, on the left - is keeping his feet covered. This is probably because he has inadvertently gone out in what he - or his 'friends' - consider unfashionable trainers.
1Minus the much-lamented and now long-gone 'Most Postings' and 'Longest Postings' lists... all right, so they made everything crash now and again, so what?2I do have all the standard mining gear, but I passed on the canary and just bought Gerald a yellow tracksuit instead. He likes it - says it goes with his flip-flops.3I'd hazard a guess that the one on the page itself is the most carefully placed apostrophe on the whole of h2g2. Oh - and if you think there should be a hyphen in that last sentence, I don't care. I'm not a fan of hyphens. I prefer dressinggown to dressing-gown.


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