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I was born in August, 1987, making me a Leo sixteen year old girl. Whenever I read astrology descriptions of Leo in the past it didn't sound all that much like me. Just shows how accurate the stars can be, huh? BUT, as my self-confidence grew I am gradually coming more to fit my Leo archetype. INTERESTING. *Gazes into her crystal ball to try to look impressive*

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Iced tea in a

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My significant other is my lovely girlfriend Feuille.

A blue heart

A mammoth and 
her calf

Find out your Enneagram Type here! The Enneagram is a personality system derived of nine main types; I'm a Type Four. Type Four: Sensitive and intuitive both to self and others: gentle, tactful, compassionate. Highly personal, individualistic, "true to self." To stay in touch with feelings, they interiorize everything, taking everything personally, but become self-absorbed and introverted, moody and hypersensitive, shy and self-conscious, unable to be spontaneous or to "get out of themselves."1

A Dominatrix and her Dog

I caught the smiley - fish at U193430! Mosey on over there and try it yourself.

A cat looking for her ideal mate

My name is the rather forbidding cinnamon_spider, but spiders really are cute, especially this one! smiley - spider My alias is Zippy Bubblesniffer, according to A1051444.

Poet I'm extremely fond of writing. My poems have been described as "harrowingly tragic. No, bitter and twisted" and "very cool. smiley - erm just as long as you're not the kind of poet who goes and gets in that state of mind then writes about it". Apart from writing harrowingly tragic poetry, some of my creativity goes into devising strange plots for random stories for/about my friends.

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I'm now a Werepenguin! A macaroni one, no less! Get your Werebeastie over at Werekitty's Werebeastie page. She also kindly gave me a picture of my alter ego! (Ah, bless)

WerebeastiesWerekitty the werekittyNevermore the WerehumanCatwoman the original H2G2 Werecat - a freak of un-natureSt. Jon Quixote the werewhitetigerPhoniex the weresnowleopardRalph the Wonder Llama, the were-Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of TraalMystrunner the wereangelSchrodinger's Cat Flap the weresiamesecatNarapoia the WerelemurReefgirl the WerevixenFlying Betty the WeredragonAries the WerewolfDragantha the Werehuman (normally a dragon)DrunkenDeath the Weresnake (literally legless)Gangorlas the White the WerewolfcatMadpea the WereelvenwingedcatarooCraxus the Werebalrog (pround owner of a Nazgul)Archaris the WerephoenixHis Divine Shadow the WerewookieMombassa the WerethunderbirdPantherlady the WerepantherLimitless the WerelionMetroid the WeremetroidHappysuggs the burgundy WerehedgehogMullet the Weremullet (a kind of fish)The Average Joe the WeregorillaHeavyasMetal the WerewolfSerephina the WereleopardHelelou2 the WereferretDr. Anthea the WerekittenGaia the Weresphinxcrazyhorse the WerelionbullWøñkø †hë {Îñ}§åñë the WerehydraCael the WerepantherWhat is rule one? the Wereblacktigerpdante the Wereantbob3559 the WerecatSilunaka the WerefishyEóin the firebreathing WeretermiteTacysa the Tapdancing Turkey Taker's Werecow artichoke (cos there's always one)Kiro Yukai the WeredragonFloridaSailor the WeresharkExcelsior the WerewolfGet the Code for this list Become a werebeast yourself


Behold, the Lightsaber! If you want one of your own you can obtain one at the Lightsaber Store

(5^2) + (9+9) - 3 + 2 = 42


Time is like ... an orange! (According to Cameron Diaz in Feeling Minnesota)
A man handling an orange in a very zen way

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HOORAY for: sheepskin rugs, cinnamon, red kneed tarantulas, smiley - spidercoral snakes, deserts, clear night skies, androgynous people, cacti, Hole, Lemony Snicket books, friends, sunsets, fog, heavy rain, sombreros, Muse, intelligence, vanilla, spearmint chewing gum, Teddington, shoulder massages, amaretti, Komodo dragons, iguanas, crocodiles, camp people, Placebo, suede, vampires, Turin Brakes, Queen Adreena, surreal cartoons, sunrises, Foo Fighters, Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons, Egyptian geese, originality, Vanilla Sky, Donnie Darko, Incubus, self-revelation, nirvana (enlightenment), Nirvana (the band), blood, stars, Myst (the computer game), cuteness, handcuffs, smiley - handcuffs mythology, phoenixes, ESP, fire, The Lord of the Rings, Lestat de Lioncourt, the smell of coffee, PJ Harvey, clouds that look like the smell of washing powder, office chairs, wind turbines, camels, Aragorn, Haldir, certainty, The Hives, personality tests, The Coral, impermanence of suffering, Jack off Jill, Intentions of an Asteroid, The Matrix, the Northern Lights, rats, Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Kate Atkinson, Anne Rice, Whose Line Is It Anyway, the smell of creosote, fake flowers, sapphires, cheesecake, smiley - cheesecake friendliness, Sylvia Plath, the Enneagram, pesto, houmous, pesto and houmous sandwiches, Kinesis, Mulholland Drive, Kill Hannah (just for the name), Michael Moore, Gemma Kayes, Kidneythieves, The Cooper Temple Clause, Tapping the Vein, A Perfect Circle.

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BOO to: human statues, mimes, smoking, clowns, discrimination, olives, raw tomatoes, smiley - tomato bright light on reflective surfaces, non-listening people, promiscuity, dolphins, cruelty, superficiality, craneflies, GCSE Textiles, nostalgia, self-harm, stereotyping, insomnia, prejudice, Three striped fish avoiding one that has different stripes Marmite, drugs, doubt, avarice, lights in fog, razorblades, jealousy, eating disorders, shallow people, stating the obvious, caffeine, alcoholism, Busted, aggression, Claudia from the Anne Rice books, evasiveness, Evanescence, fear, Justin Timberlake, paranoia, numbness, dissociation, So Solid Crew, tabloids, repetition of "amusing" anecdotes.

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If you feel like it, contact me on [email protected]

A giant prawnFish and chips swimming in the sea

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