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The Waterworks
Hello! Welcome to the H2G2 Waterworks & Beach
Clickable map of the H2G2 Waterworks

Welcome to the H2G2 Waterworks and Beach.

So, what is there at the H2G2 Waterworks And Beach?

Look around the Waterworks Map. The H2G2 Waterworks is the only supplier of water to H2G2, and has a number of different functions. These include:

  • The Beach - Where the sea is warm, and there's a golden, 5-mile coast full of bikini babes, handsome hunks, fun, fish and sand. It's everything you could ever want out of the perfect beach. So sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself!
  • The Swimming Pool - Where there are waterslides, wave machines, rapids, fountains, waterguns, showers, hottub, diving boards - everything any swimming pool could want.
  • The Fountain -There is a fountain that's in the middle of the H2G2 town square. It creates a really relaxing, even romantic mood, and there is also a small drinking fountain if you are thirsty.
  • The Sewers - This is where all the H2G2 sewage ends up. There are rumours that all sorts of monsters, including Crocodiles, UFOs, Killer Plants and, worst of all, Ninja Turtles, have been spotted here, but I don't believe a word of it.
  • The River - Here you can sit, relax, go fishing and perhaps even take a boat trip.
  • The Public Toilets - We have male and female toilets, and male and females disabled toilets, nappy changing rooms, drinking water with disposable cups, paper towels, air driers, mirrors, sockets for electric razers, and even a small mirror for the vain to stare at themselves. You can even grafiti the walls.
  • The Lifeguard Station - Where our lifeguards train and stay in order to make sure there are no accidents anywhere on the Waterworks.
  • The Sea - The wide expance of open ocean! The endless horizon that stretches for as far as the eye can see. You have to admit there's nothing quite like the Sea.
  • The Fish Pond - At the end of the river runs the fishpond, a home for fishes everywhere.
  • The Boat Yard - A quaint little Hut with everything from Cruise Liners to Rowing Boats. You can take boats up and down the river, have fun along the beach, or head out to sea.

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Bikini Competition

H2G2 Bikini CompetitionLooking at Bikini Babes on the Beach.

Last year we had a Bikini competition, and this year's will begin soon. So if you are interested, Enter the Bikini Competition here.smiley - bigeyes


Remember that the Beach and the Swimming Pool is all a part of HRASC- H2G2 Researchers Against Swimming Costumes, banning swimming costumes, and keeping us safe from sharks smiley - shark for good!

Mt. Sandcastle's Doughnut Stall

Do you like Doughnuts?smiley - donut

If so, Joanna's Dougnnut Stall is the place for you - with a fine range of exquisite tastes. But don't just take my word for it - check out the exciting doughnut menu! If Joanna isn't in, Eomando and Croz will be happy to give you a doughnut in a way that's just as friendly and reassuring as Joanna's.A doughnut smiley

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Clickable map of the waterworks

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