5th Annual H2G2 Bikini Competition

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H2G2 Bikini Competition
H2G2 Bikini Competition
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Now in its 3rd Decade!

Bikini Competition Bare Facts

A woman pleased that she's entered the bikini competition

Yes, it's back - the H2G2 Bikini Competion. As you know, far back in the 1990s, it became politically incorrect to have Bikini Competitions, for it was feared that they were somehow sexist. But here on H2G2 we have a simple answer to that: so what? Besides which, the H2G2 Bikini Competition has always been open to women, men, fish, rocks, aliens, science fiction authors, demons, amoebas and insects of all ages. So no matter who and what you are, you're not only free, but also invited, to enter.

So, why not enter this year's Bikini Competition! This may be the last H2G2 Bikini Competition ever held.

How To Enter

Simply click on the Entry conversation and write a short (50 words maximum) description of what your bikini looks like.

If you are nominating a friend, include their Name and User Number.


A Bikini Competition Entrant

Rules for Entering:

Entry into the competition is about to begin!

  • You can nominate yourself
  • You can nominate up to five friends. If you nominate someone else, you must leave a link to their homepage in the nominating thread as well as a description. Anyone nominated has the right to withdraw. To enter or nominate - click here.
  • Only researchers on H2G2 can be nominated to enter.
  • You also must be "seen" wearing your bikini. This involves hanging around threads in the Swimming Pool and the Beach. Visit, say hello, and hopefully hang around for a chat.
  • People who are nominated and do not actually take part in the competition themselves cannot win. The highest position they can get is third, regardless of the number of votes.

Rules for Disqualification:

You can be disqualified if:

  • You are rude or insulting to anyone else in the competition1
  • You take the competition too seriously.smiley - winkeye
  • You never actually wear your bikini anywhere - ie, if you don't go to the Swimming Pool and the Beach at all.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I have to be female to enter the bikini competition?
    • Of course not - the competition is open to anything animal, vegitable, mineral or alien. As long as it looks good - or bad - in a bikini.
  • What about sharks?smiley - shark
    • Don't worry - this bikini competition, somehow, remains HRASC compatible.
  • How exactly does this competition remain HRASC2 compatible when bikinis are swimming costumes?
    • People in the competition are wearing Bikinis, not swimming in them. As the bikinis are being
      intended to be worn, they aren't swimming costumes, merely clothes, and so are HRASC compatible.
  • Will there be a referendum to determine whether the competition is decided by first-past-the-post or Alternative Vote representation?
    • No.
  • Is this really a bikini competition, or is it just a popularity contest in disguise?
    • Hopefully voters will take entrants' imaginative descriptions of bikinis into account when casting their votes, but there is no way of knowing for certain.
  • After the chaos caused previously by the draw, are there new rules in case of a draw?
    • Yes - see below.

The Rules In Case Of A Draw

When voting ends, in the event of a draw, the following may apply:

  • An extra week's voting will be allowed. Who-ever gains the most votes during that week will be declared the winner.
  • Previous entry into the Annual Bikini Competition may be taken into consideration. If a candidate has entered four previous competitions, this will count as four points. If a candidate has entered three previous competitions, this will count as three points. If the person has entered both two competitions, this will count as two points. If the person has entered one competition, this will count as a single point.
  • If this still results in a draw, the number of nominations may be taken into consideration. If there are two or more candidates with equal votes, if one has nominated other entrants and one has not, or not as many, the candidate who has nominated the most other people in to the competition without them subsequently withdrawing will win. (Nominating candidates who have already entered does not count).
  • If this still results in a draw, if one candidate has been noticeably inactive in the beach and waterworks whilst another has played an active role, the candidate who has taken part in, without dominating, the most conversations will win.
  • If this results in a draw, if one of the candidates has previously won and the other has not, the candidate who has not won before will be declared the winner.
  • If this still results in a draw, an extra week's voting may be allowed. If after this final week's voting it is still a draw, the competition will be declared a draw.

Entrants So Far This Year

Which bikini babe will you vote for?


In alphabetical order, to avoid favouritism, complete with a description of their bikini:

  • 2Legs - Wearing a simple two cup affair, bra-style top, in pink, with gold lace detail, and very thin (and liable to fall off with the slightest movement) straps *just* perilously gripping on for dear life to his shoulders. The gold detailing is picturing chinchillas on the straps, a couple of bondage ponies on each side, and, in black and gray/white, on the front of the cups is the badger motief. The lower half, to complete the outfit, is based, loosely on his (in)famous badger-thong design, only, of course, in pink... with, more gold edging designs of chinchillas and bondage ponies on the rear and waist straps.
  • Amy Pawloski, aka 'Paper Lady' - Wearing a hand-drawn silver filigree, with wine red and pine green accents in some of the filigree openings. Despite being a paper doll, the bikini pieces aren't held on by tabs, but are drawn directly on her, allowing designs that wouldn't work on a 3D body.
  • Mina - Wearing a red velvet bikini, trimmed with white fur, with a few silver sequins nesting in a corner (of both top and bottom pieces), with sparkly body lotion to give me a subtle body shimmer. Cute Santa hat, with red sequins and white trim, at a saucy angle, and sexy red 5" strappy sandals with white trim.
  • Minichessemouse - Wearing a bright Turquoise tankini top looking striking against her pale blonde fur, the bottom half of the bikini is a pair of blue lo-rise shorts with a small hole for a mouse's tail, the shorts match exactly the colour of the top half.
  • Prof Animal Chaos - Wearing a purple top piece bra consisting of three cups, a cup to cover each nipple at the front and a cup for the back. The bottom half of the bikini has a codpiece on the front
  • Rosie - Wearing a halter neck two piece fashioned from leopard skin, guaranteed not to shrink and 100% biodegradable. Accessorised with a load of bling, dollops of slap and a small gallon of heavy perfume. Modest and understated
  • Turvy - Wearing a Gaga-esque number. Starting right at the top with a dustbin lid hat. The bikini top is fashioned from two ribeye steaks held up by a string of butchers best sausages. The bottoms is made from a lovely piece of skirt held together with butchers string tied in pretty bows. The matching shoes are made from ham hocks.
  • Venus In Blue - Wearing a blue bikini
  • Venus in Fly-Trap - Wearing a bikini made out of fly-paper
  • Vip - Wearing sort of a bikini. The fairy dust that cocoons Vip has always baffled the eye a little bit, and the shimmer that is reflecting off the pool only serves to make the sparkle more mesmorising. The bikini is there, it covers all the right areas but what it looks like you can never quite be certain. Only that it's glittery. And moves. And, after a while, leaves this odd afterglow on your retinas.

Time Table

H2G2 Bikini Competition
  • Competition Opens - 21st November
  • Voting Begins - 5th December
  • Voting Ends - 14th December
  • Winner Announced3 - 19th December

Previous Results

The Bikini Competition Gold Medal
1st Bikini Competition - 1999
2nd Bikini Competition - 2000
3rd Bikini Competition - 2001
4th Bikini Competition - 2002

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Bikini Competition Post Archive

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Enter the competition here

1As this is H2G2 I don't expect a problem with this. Friendly jibes are encouraged, but please avoid anything offensive. This includes the people running the competition as much as those entering.2H2G2 Researchers Against Swimming costumes3Except in case of draw.

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