5th Annual H2G2 Bikini Competition - Voting

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H2G2 Bikini Competition
H2G2 Bikini Competition
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Now in its 3rd Decade!

How To Enter

Simply click on the Entry conversation and write a short (50 words maximum) description of what your bikini looks like.

If you are nominating a friend, include their Name and User Number.

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H2G2 Bikini Competition

In alphabetical order, to avoid favouritism, complete with a description of their bikini (50 words maximum1):

  • 2Legs - Wearing a simple, bra-style top, in pink, with gold lace detail, very thin straps *just* perilously gripping on. The gold detailing is picturing chinchillas on the straps, a couple of bondage ponies on each side, and, in black and gray/white, on the front of the cups is the badger motief. – VOTE
  • Amy Pawloski, aka 'Paper Lady' - Wearing a hand-drawn silver filigree, with wine red and pine green accents in some of the filigree openings. Despite being a paper doll, the bikini pieces aren't held on by tabs, but are drawn directly on her, allowing designs that wouldn't work on a 3D body. - VOTE
  • Mina - Wearing a red velvet bikini, trimmed with white fur, with silver sequins nesting in a corner (of both top and bottom), sparkly body lotion to give a subtle body shimmer. Cute Santa hat red sequins and white trim, at a saucy angle, and sexy red 5" strappy sandals with white trim. - VOTE
  • Minichessemouse - Wearing a bright Turquoise tankini top looking striking against her pale blonde fur, the bottom half of the bikini is a pair of blue lo-rise shorts with a small hole for a mouse's tail, the shorts match exactly the colour of the top half - VOTE
  • Prof Animal Chaos - Wearing a purple top piece bra consisting of three cups, a cup to cover each nipple at the front and a cup for the back. The bottom half of the bikini has a codpiece on the front - VOTE
  • Rosie - Wearing a halter neck two piece fashioned from leopard skin, guaranteed not to shrink and 100% biodegradable. Accessorised with a load of bling, dollops of slap and a small gallon of heavy perfume. Modest and understated - VOTE
  • Turvy - Wearing a Gaga-esque number. Starting with a dustbin lid hat, the bikini top is fashioned from two ribeye steaks held up by a string of butchers best sausages. The bottom is made from a lovely skirt held with butchers string tied in pretty bows. The matching shoes are made from ham hocks. - VOTE
  • Vip - The fairy dust that cocoons Vip has always baffled the eye, and the shimmer only serves to make the sparkle more mesmerising. The bikini is there, it covers all the right areas but what it looks like you can never quite be certain. Only that it's glittery. And moves. And leaves this odd afterglow on your retinas. - VOTE

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  • It could be You!
The Bikini Competition Gold Medal

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