3rd Annual H2G2 Bikini Competition

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H2G2 Bikini Competition
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The Bikini Babes Bite Back!

A woman pleased that she's taken off her clothes and entered the competition

Yes, it's back - the H2G2 Bikini Competion. As you know, far back in the 1990s, it became politically incorrect to have Bikini Competitions, for it was feared that they were somehow sexist. But here on H2G2 we have a simple answer to that: so what? Besides which, the H2G2 Bikini Competition has always been open to women, men, fish, rocks, aliens, science fiction authors, demons, amoebas and insects of all ages. So no matter who and what you are, you're not only free, but also invited, to enter.

A Bikini Babe forcing men to vote for her

Entrants So Far This Year

Which bikini babe will you vote for?

In alphabetical order, to avoid favouritism, complete with a description of their bikini:

  • Apollo - wearing a very shiny Gold Lame Thong.
  • AquaMarina The Mermaid - wearing some new, luminescent shells this year, and a shining tail.
  • Bumblebee - wearing a shiny black bikini that looks like it's so full of holes it's going to
    fall apart, only the holes are actually an underlaying fabric that appears like a peephole to another universe. smiley - planet You can see new galaxies as the proud wearer moves! The spectacular garment boosts and pinches in just the right places.
  • C√¶rwynn - wearing her tiger print string bikini, displaying her
    amazing figure to perfection.
  • Clelba - wearing a very skimpy bikini, accentuating her perfect figure beautifully. It's made from blue satin overlaid with black mesh so it looks all dark and shimmery, and a sort of half skirt flowing out behind her, made from the same material.1.
  • Demon Drawer - wearing a black lycra CK two piece which really accentuates his well toned thighs
  • Galaxy Babe - wearing a black leather bikini with tassles.2
  • Go Go Girl - Wearing a chocolate and whipped cream creation - a bikini that tastes glorious. It is mouthdrooling, lipsmacking, fingerlicking good!
  • Kristina the Flamenco Dancer - Wearing a black bikini, upper part decorated with fresh red dahlias, lower part trimmed with flowing bright red flounces forming a skirt hula-hula style
  • LighthousegirlUK - wearing one of Caerwynns fantastic creations. The classically styled bikini is in an amazing blue green fabric which shimmers like a carebean sea on a clear warm day. It complements Light's fair skin and enhances her shapely figure and amazingly long legs.
  • Mackenzie - wearing a green bikini that shimmers independantly of any light source, and surrounded by a faint but unmistakable magic aura.
  • MaW - Wearing a man's bikini with a bottom part made from fabric that
    changes colour fairly randomly, and an invisible top which cleverly enhances the muscles to avoid the weak and puny look.
  • Mina - wearing a state of the art rubber and manacle bikini.
    The manacles are purely for decoration purposes3
  • Sammy - wearing a chequered flag wrapped around her, for the novelty value.
  • St. Seven Of Nine - wearing her new chainmail bikini with peep-holes4
  • She Who Must Be Obeyed - wearing an alarmingly minute amount of plain black
    spandex5 And of course, her diamonds.
  • Spimcoot - wearing gin pants, a tonic bra that fizzes delightfully, a slice of lime behind his ear, and an ice cube on each nipple. As he likes being drunk he invites other entrants to be cruel...
  • Tabitca - wearing a fetching ensemble in shades of blue and tin. The blue appears to be small fish darting in and out of the water filled bikini top and the tin is the bottom half of the bikini made from recycled cat food tins lined with moss. The fish are an endangered species she rescued to breed in captivity and then re-release back into the wild.
  • Titania - wearing a discreet and delicate bikini, cleverly using oyster shells, the
    food of love, to cup and enhance her orbs of love, teamed with a beautiful cloth bottom half, decorated with seaweed, the food
    of the Gods.
  • Venus In Cornflowers -


Rules for Entering:

Entry into the competition has just started!!!

  • You can either nominate yourself, or someone else. If you nominate someone else, you must leave a link to their homepage in the nominating thread. To enter or nominate - click here.
  • As this is a HRASC approved competition, we would like to ask all entrants to join the H2G2 Researchers Against Swimming Costumes
  • You also must be "seen" wearing your bikini. This just involves hanging around threads in both the Swimming Pool and the Beach. I'm not fussy, any threads there will do, so just visit, say hi, and hopefully hang around for a chat.

Rules for Disqualification:

You can be disqualified if:

  • You never actually wear your bikini anywhere - ie, if you don't go to the Swimming Pool and the Beach at all.
  • You are rude or insulting to anyone else in the competition6
  • You take the competition too seriously.smiley - winkeye

And here are some Bikini Competition answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Elephant wearing a bikini
  • Do I have to be female to enter the bikini competition?
    • Of course not - the competition is open to anything animal, vegitable, mineral or alien. As long as it looks good - or bad - in a bikini.
  • What about sharks????smiley - shark
    • Don't worry - this bikini competition, somehow, remains HRASC compatible.
  • How exactly does this competition remain HRASC7 compatible when bikinis are swimming costumes?
    • People in the competition are wearing Bikinis, not swimming in them. As the bikinis are being
      intended to be worn, they aren't swimming costumes, merely clothes, and so are HRASC compatible.
  • Will there be a seperate male/female competition?
    • You kidding? That's far too organised for me to sort out...

Previous Results

The Bikini Competition Gold Medal
1st Bikini Competition - 1999
2nd Bikini Competition - 2000
3rd Bikini Competition - 2001
  • 1st - It could be You
  • 2nd & 3rd - ????????

The Swimming Pool And Beach:

If you've never been to the Swimming Pool or the Beach before, here's a guide to help you chose the thread for you.

The Swimming Pool
  • Swimming Pool - IV - the latest swimming pool thread, for all who enjoy drinking chlorine! There are waterslides, wave machines, rapids, fountains, waterguns,
    showers, hottub, diving boards..! So if you want a swim, or a water fight, come here.
  • The Barmy Banana Boat Adventure - an inflatable banana boat escaped from the pool and is carrying it's passengers on a mad adventure throughout the Galaxy!smiley - planet
  • The Jacuzzi - A jacuzzi filled with smiley - bubbly champagne, where you can drink champagne and relax in style.
The Beach
  • Here Comes Summer - make the most of an eternal summer on our beach, where you can eat an ice-cream, sunbathe, or build a sandcastle.
  • The Bikini Babes are Back on the Beach - A conversation dedicated to Bikini Competition news, and more importantly, gossip.
  • Barbecue - If the competition makes you feel hungry, come along for a free smiley - hotdog or a smiley - burger.
  • Bouncy Castle - Feeling energetic? Then the Bouncy Castle is a must.
  • FISH! - Like the smiley - fish smilies? This conversation is dedicated to drawing fish.
  • Beach Hut - Fancy buying a beach hut? One careful owner in a prime location.
  • Windsurfing - if you want to go surf on the beach, this is the thread for you!

Bikini Competition Links

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1Not wearing any shoes, because she doesn't want to cover her gorgeous slender feet2Also wearing stilletto shoes with diamante trim.3Unless she decides otherwise.4Also wearing new thigh-high black PVQ stiletto boots.5And a stunning pair of Jimmy Choo spike heeled sandals, black alligator with crystals accenting the instep and straps.6As this is H2G2 I don't expect a problem with this. Friendly jibes are okay and encouraged, but anything offensive WILL be reported to Peta. This includes the people running the competition as much as those entering.7H2G2 Researchers Against Swimming costumes

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