Hello. My name (here at least) is MaW, and I'm an amateur writer, postgraduate research student, witch, rabid Linux enthusiast1 and wannabe Special Constable2, born and bred in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, but currently living and working in Nottingham.

I have, at times, written stories for the h2g2 Post. I still write stories, but my increasing perfectionism is increasingly difficult to satisfy, so few of them see the light of day.

Unfinished History

My third story for the h2g2 Post. In a break with tradition, Unfinished History is not set in the Future Prefect universe (see below), but instead revisits a universe I've had following me around for a number of years now, to tell the story of a young woman on a new colony world in a time of interstellar expansion. You can find the archives of Unfinished History, rather unsurprisingly, in the Post's Unfinished History archive.

The Only Slightly Saga

Only Slightly Logo by Amy the Ant

The sequel to Future Prefect, Only Slightly was featured in h2g2's glorious weekly newspaper during 2003. Set forty years after the original Future Prefect Saga, Only Slightly saw familiar faces join with new characters in an epic struggle for the future of the entire galaxy.

You can read the entire story at the Only Slightly Archive.

The Future Prefect Saga

My most first big story-telling venture on h2g2, this is a story based in a world where h2g2's culture became government - except in North and South America, that is. Originally published in the Post almost every week, you can now read all twenty-five installments of the Saga at the Post archive page here.

Future Prefect concluded with in the Post on the 13th of Worse3 2003.

GuidePost - the desperate Life Form's GuideML Editor

Although GuidePost hasn't been developed or improved for years now, people still ask me about it. Therefore, I maintain it for download on my website.

h2g2 Art Spookiness

A certain Police Sergeant (formerly a Special Constable) named Andy Oldham was rather shocked when he noticed that the cartoon on my Edited Entry on the Special Constabulary looks exactly like a picture of him on his website. So the conversation got around to such things, and then I offered to put a link to his site, which is very nice, on my Space. So here it is: Go. Look. Enjoy. Learn things about the Special Constabulary which you never knew before. Don't feed the animals, some of them bite smiley - devil

And while you're in the learning mood, you might also check out A Day In The Life Of A Special from the BBC Crime Fighters site which was written by Andy, and also note that my Edited Entry on the Specials was linked to from BBC Crime Fighters - Special Constabulary, which gives me such a nice warm and glowing warming glow smiley - biggrin.

Miscellaneous h2g2 Links

Useful Links

There are some useful places outside h2g2 that you may care to visit.

  • The Home of Poi is a site filled with useful information on swinging poi, staff twirling and a variety of other activities of a similar nature.
  • the official website of the freeware raytracer POV-Ray which is available for most computer platforms - and if it's not for yours, you can get the source code and port it yourself.
  • MaW's Blog where I do what I really should be using my h2g2 journal for, except in a way that doesn't require all my friends to get DNA accounts to post comments (not that they do very much of that).

Other h2g2 People

More for my own reference than anyone else's, here's a messy list of some of the people I know on h2g2.

U159365, U166428, U97631, U99109, U100469, U109874, U168702, U159249, U189000, U116693

A red dragon
1I used to be a rabid Apple Mac enthusiast, but I grew up2That's a sign of insanity - Specials are basically police officers who go on duty on a voluntary basis, thus keeping their 'normal' job as well. Yes, voluntary does mean no pay. See my Edited Entry on the subject.3Also known as February


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