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Emerging, blinking, into the light

Well, I've been away for... umm... quite a while.

Very active elsewhere on the Internet, but for some reason h2g2 is inaccessible from the remote galaxy known only as The Galaxy Nobody Has Given A Good Name To Yet.

But I'm back now, and I might be a bit active again.

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Ladies and gentlemen, may I present...

In this week's marvellous edition of the h2g2 Post, the first installment of my new fiction series 'Unfinished History'.

Thankyou, thankyou very much.

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Latest reply: Aug 5, 2004

Righty ho then

Not been to h2g2 for ages. Jumping back in feels so familiar and comfortable though...

* wanders off to eat some smiley - cake *

* comes back again *

Where was I? Ah yes, it's like pulling on a well-worn set of pants, or a familiar jumper, or some comfy, worn-at-the-knees trousers.

Not much to say really, just thought I'd put the sign up again that says 'I might actually be here'. If I don't come back often, people who know my offsite details, nag me, okay?

Ta muchly smiley - ok

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Latest reply: Apr 1, 2004

I'm off again!

I only seem to post in here when I'm about to go away somewhere. I neglected to mention that I was going to Germany and Austria last week, but I've been there and come back, so now I'm off to Keswick to stay with my parents and sister for a few days on a campsite by Lake Windermere. I expect the scenery will be somewhat different to that which I observed in Berchtesgaden last week. Not that it's any less beautiful of course smiley - smiley

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to grovel to Shazz for missing two Posts in a row so soon after my appointment to the Team.

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Latest reply: Jun 10, 2003

I'm off again!

(20020402 08:56BST)

Right, I'm off to Northamptonshire for a few days, back on Sundayish.

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Latest reply: Apr 2, 2003

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