Home of the One True Tonks (Before My Name was Stolen)

Ah yes, hello there! This is the page of a long lost researcher who tried several times to return to h2g2, but failed miserably.

Ah, but do you perhaps not know who I am? I do apologise. Read on…

The name’s Tonks, Chris Tonks. I was a student at the University of Durham where I studied for a master’s degree in Theoretical Physics. In my spare time I indulge in a spot of Web design and pretend I’m the captain of a hovercraft working for the Machine Civilisation. You know, the guys that built The Matrix and, uh, ‘enslaved’ mankind. *Coughs.*

From when I started on h2g2 in 2000 up until roughly x years ago, I played the part of Professor Chris Tonks, GalaGroup Overseer to the Multi-Political Governmental House of San Beta. Or something like that. He was modelled on the protagonist from a series of books I was (and will, possibly, at some point continue) writing, but I had developed him so far as to make him almost God-like – something that never works out for the best in roleplaying circles. As such, I dropped that character and decided to just be my regular self until I can think of a new one. You can still call me Professor if you want to. smiley - winkeye If you’re interested in finding out more about the Professor, check out the various articles listed at the bottom of this page, in particular the Ask Prof Archives.

(I’m still getting used to having to use GuideML again. All these capitalised tags are giving me a headache, and it won’t let me use a proper apostrophy in my link titles. smiley - cross Also, I notice that every external link is referenced in the list on the right, even if it appears twice. How silly.)

As I said, numerous attempts have been made to return to h2g2, but with little success. So… don't count on this page updating again.

Outside Affiliations

Grey Fusion Studios

What will eventually become my Web development company with a couple of unique side ventures that could certainly prove to be interesting. Nothing happening at the moment, though, not until I can find enough time to set it up.

The Glitch Society

This is the Matrix Online faction to which my character – Procurator – belongs. He’s second-in-command and also acts as the faction’s Chief Archivist, taking care of their data repository (Web site).

h2g2 Affiliations

Lil’s Atelier

I was a proud member of this group, a Salonista. In the main salon we talked about all the latest topics (our complicated and interesting lives included), and the Atelier was expanded (yet again) to include a great many other things: computer labs, workshops and an expansive library are just for starters! The whole place is situated above Crater Labs Inc., so anything can happen…

h2g2 Sweet Shop

Feeling peckish? Having some serious sugar cravings? Pop into the h2g2 Sweet Shop, where the inimitable Ming Mang will deal with your requests (or used to – maybe she hired some new staff to take over since her departure?). Dear Lord, they’ve got everything, which is why you might just find me there every now and then. Usually with my hands in jars full of jelly beans and shelves full of chocolate.


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