And now for something completely indifferent...

June 2003. Two weeks into A-level exam period.

Unfortunately, Ming is currently (beginning of June 2003) facing another four weeks of solid paper exams and as such has decided that in between the exams some w*rk really ought to get done (because Ming has never really w*rked at school before). This means that Ming will not be online very often at all. Ming is packing the summer holidays full of doing fun stuff, and so will not be online much even then. If Ming forgets about h2g2 altogether, anyone happening across this page, behold the wonders of an unused user space. Look out for the RL imposter of Ming in the 2006 Commonwealth Games representing England, because that is Ming's ambition.

Here lyeth the user space of one "Ming Mang", U114655, when abandoned either temporarily or permanently in June 2003 (A-level exam period). It has been left as it was with the exception of the paragraph above and this paragraph.
I will be back...

Once upon a time some chocolate existed. This caused an entity known as "Ming" to exist.


Ming. You decided your space had to be different, didn't you?
You looked at other people's page, and saw that most were written in the first person, and others were written in the third person. And you, being a fool, thought "Why not the second person?". And you decided to write your space in the second person.

As somone is reading this, you will assume that they have at least one eye that works. Congratulations to them. You will also assume that they have found this page by clicking on your name. Your condolences to them if they know you. And, while you're at it, you'll also assume that they can pronounce the word floccinaucinihilipilification correctly, and that they own a little red teapot, and also that they can recite the Greek alphabet backwards three times without making a mistake or hesitation whilst standing on their head on a bale of hay.
They have your complete admiration.

For everyone who does not know you, you believe that you are the shortest 18-year-old in the world who regularly yells "NI!" at people and who has also owned a three black and white hooded rats whilst simultaneously owning a black hoody, a white hoody and a black and white hoody.

If they are new to h2g2 you would be delighted to attempt to answer any questions they have or just generally talk to them. smiley - biggrin. They can drop you a line, or maybe even some text in your forum.

Here follows boring stuff about you personally. People should feel free to skip it or just read it with their eyes closed...
You are a non-existent 18-year-old living in a small town in Sussex (which is existent) in south east Britain. You have a black hamster called Norbert, who has been kidnapped by your mother and is a school hamster called "Mars". smiley - . Your family also have horses, ducks, bantams, and an ever-changing amount of eggs being incubated, chicks and ducklings...

"The animals went in two by two, Hurrah! Hurrah!
The animals went in three by three, Hurrah! Hurrah!
The rodents were breeding as rodents do,
My mother was building her own zoo,
And they all went into a cage,
For so that they all could breed!"
Your mum breeds various rodents, and probably has over 100 rodents at any one time. Your mum also has animals which officially belong to the school where she works, but they spend a lot of the time at your home; rats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, jirds, mice, stick insects and Giant African Land Snails. But, back to you (that sounds really egotistical but it's not meant to): you are incredibly paranoid sometimes, but other times you just don't care about what people say about you. You are prone to go totally hyper for no apparant reason and start spouting complete nonsense. You also have a habit of yelling "NI!" or "Wibble!" at people, or just sitting somewhere in your own little bubble staring into space and slowly rocking backwards and forwards or side to side...

Can people please note that Wibble is NOT a day.
Wibble is a nonsense word.
Wibble is your nonsense word.
Wibble, your nonsense word, has been stolen by a clan known as the 'Thingites', who refuse to return it.
an people kindly refrain from using Wibble as the Thingites wish, especially around you.

Version: 1.1
RGB Y+ N-(N) SG+ A++>+++ P>++ [email protected] M-- s V+ E PR p a- B++ [email protected] r+ D T! nh+ C- m++(+) t+
-----END H2G2 CODE BLOCK-----

This page was designed to be viewed by bombarding vast numbers of electrons on a lump of glass, creating an a hi-tech optical illusion. It was not designed for flat-screens. So there. smiley -

This is not here.

The views which may or may not be expressed on this page or elsewhere are not necessarily those held by laminated clothes horses.


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