A dent in the universe.

Under no construction at all:

This personal page has not been updated for several years now.
I will redisign it sometime in the coming few years or so.

-- now under construction again --

I will try to update the page again in a week or so

My 42s:

I was blessed with a 42ish U number.
1+2*6+9+4*5 = 42
-1-2+6*9-4-5 = 42
-1+2*6+9*4-5 = 42
12+(6*9)/(4+5) = 42
-1*2*6+9+45 = 42

Always Wondered what that means....

I used to come here a lot. Showing up after a few years away. Been busy though.

Now, here is an incomplete list of people I used to know here. wonder how they are doing.

Dragonfly Great to talk to and Dance with. Creator of the musehome and a must at any party!
Ming Mang Ming Mang is one of my favorite researchers, among her achivements are the creation and operation of the H2G2 scapegoat service, having been interviewed to the H2G2 Post by Frankie Roberto, Founding the H2G2S2 (i.e The H2G2 Sweet Shop), and inventing the word Wibble (pronounced ::wibble::).
Bossel No other Scout like him. Really, THE scout, I personally though he was a scout before he actually applied to join smiley - ok. It is always fun to go to his personal space and press buttons. Also go have a look at his Radar University Project.
Titania My Guardian Angle smiley - angel, the queen of elves, the best drink mixer on H2G2, the funder of the NOTICEBOARD and keeps the amazing Ethereal Elven Garden at the Hot Spot.
sea She's just zis cat you kno.
Ottox Certainly one of the most popular researchers. Have a tendency to count things, thingite nemesis, smiley - hugs a lot and is generally well disposed to people. Also Singlehandedly developped the Web Safe Colours. All of these were done with a verry old computer (or so he keeps on about) and should only be attempted by proffesionals.
SMoB (id est "Sad Mad or Bad") Runs the Haiku Challange!!!, The Ladies of the Octagonal Table and is a wonderful person!
Red Dog The best thing is just to go to his personal space and mess it up, add threads, throw smiley - tomatos all around... Just be carefull, the place is being guarded at all (well, most) times.
Amy Pawloski A most wonderful researcher and a great friend, She's completely out of paper, and distributes mufflewhumps freely smiley - biggrin. She's christian and her husband will be a preacher in the future. She also collects Amys.
Ex- Rambling She's just zis smiley - ghost you kno', the one that runs Monster University, and is a member os the silly, yet dreaded S*T*A*T*S. Creator of Boosmiley - and was the one to create my Fan Clubsmiley - blush. Also serves the roll of being I'm Still Thinking...'s mommy, .
HHH He told me to put him here. Although he's a couple of years younger then me, I seem to be the one doing as he says. He's my best friend and a pretty good neighbor too. He's the ultimate Lurker, and reads every single post I make, which is kind of worrying actually! He's just zis guy, you know. - HHH is not alive anymode due to leukemia. No bothering him on his personal space then.
CK My Guardee smiley - angel, Psycho Monkey dragged through a Vortex backwards. I named him CK, so I can talk to him without pasting all the time. He has a galaxy under construction and is a member of TINARAIIDTCSPLYWWGAOWTCFLOS.
No-Longer Destroyer of ham sandwiches Always always fun and interesting to talk to, not online as much as I wish she was, but getting educated does that to a person (Good luck in Uni smiley - ok).
March Hare A great person and most interesting to talk to, Created The Cube here on h2g2, and has an interesting and full style. I often see March Hare on the Researchers with the Longest Postings list, and when I do, I smiley - run to refresh my recent conversations smiley - biggrin. A spiritual charachter, and great to talk to about these subjects.
ANDROKTONE My guardee smiley - angel, a mix of pagan and punk with a great personality. Always fun to spy after her in conversations.
stu... My Guardee smiley - angel and a great guy. He uses a LOT of dots......... Visit him at The Campsite On Pitch 9......
xKittenx The Witche's friend and the master of Dreams. Explains Dream Colours and how Crystals Aid Sleep and Dreaming. Also has Gems and Magic up her sleeves.
Ashley Stewart-Noble. Don't really talk to him much here on H2G2, but is always really nice and usually interesting to be in touch with through the scouts mailing list. He's last because it's not fair that he got this neat U123 number smiley - nahnah.

There are many more, but it takes me a lot of time to update my personal space, so please bare with me smiley - peacedove.

And one more thing:
Read the h2g2 Post I was born in 1978, and I'm 29 when writing this.

smiley - fish

My Birthday is July 16th

My 23rd My Birthday Party Page.
Thanks to everybody who showed up, and thanks for not leaving too much of a mess to clean after :-)


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